ICANN Registry Data Escrow


ICANN approved RyDE Escrow

As an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved registry data escrow agent we provide services to generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registry operators, ICANN-accredited registrars, as well as a number of ccTLDs around the globe. We work together with ICANN and the greater domain industry to provide a secure and reliable solution to registry operators and registrars who have an obligation to comply with ICANN regulations.

We work with many of the leaders in the domain industry. View our Registry Data Escrow Partners & Clients here.

Key features

  • Secure management of WHOIS daily data deposits which are encrypted to ICANN standard via our secure SFTP portal.
  • Pre-Delegation Testing and Extended Verification services ensure that deposits are verified to ICANN standard.
  • Global deposit processing infrastructures located in North America, the United Kingdom and China.
  • In-house technical and legal teams, guaranteeing an independent and quality service.
  • ICANN-approved gTLD registry data escrow agent.
  • Protecting Registry Data.

As part of the ICANN responsibility to help control and manage the internet’s naming system and the introduction of new generic top-level domains (gTLD’s), registry operators are required to make daily transfers of WHOIS data to a reputable escrow agent, via a registry data escrow agreement.

Without this critical data being held in an escrow agreement it creates a potentially disastrous situation for domain owners and end users should a registry operator no longer be able to provide support, due to business or technical failure.

Registry escrow ensures that a copy of the gTLD registration information held by a registry operator is protected, secure and held by an independent third party.

Whether you require more information about Q46 of your gTLD application, compliance with specification 2, or the next stage of the process with Pre-Delegation Testing, please contact us for assistance.

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Registry Data Escrow Partners

How does NCC Group work with the ICANN community?

We have a strong presence within the ICANN community providing cTLD and gTLD registry data escrow services to Registry Operators and Registrars.

The following companies are partnering with us to ensure that they are compliant with ICANN specifications whilst providing security and assurance to their end clients.



Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to supporting the infrastructure of the universal connected self-organizing Internet - and the autonomy of its participants - by developing and maintaining core production quality software, protocols, and operations.


key systems

Key-Systems' KSregistry provides features and functions to successfully operate a registry and meets the needs of existing ccTLDs, applicants for new gTLDs as well as companies planning to establish their name or brand as a new TLD. Due to the modular design of the KSregistry, customer-specific solutions can be designed and expanded to meet the changing needs of clients in a cost effective manner.



NetNames is one of the world's largest corporate brand protection specialists. Through its industry leading brand protection, domain name management, online security, anti-piracy and acquisitions services, the company is responsible for keeping corporate brands one step ahead of online threats across the globe.




Nominet provide bespoke, added-value registry services for exceptional organizations.  Headquartered in the UK with global reach we partner with organizations to whom we believe we can offer genuine added value.  We bring a world-class infrastructure and a commitment to innovation with global leadership in DNS security development, data protection, insight & analytics and Internet governance.

   registry asp

RegistryASP, a division within Qinetics Solutions Berhad, has over six years' experience in providing software solutions, maintenance, consultation and training for gTLD & ccTLD Registries and Registrars globally.


tdl box


TLD-BOX is a sister company of nic.at, the registry for .at, .co.at or .or.at. Our experts have more than 14 years of experience in managing TLD and enum registries. Thus, our modular software "registry-in-a-box" is reflecting the development effort of approximately 100 man-years.


Registry Data Escrow Clients

The following are Registry Operators who have chosen NCC Group to escrow their WHOIS data per ICANN requirements.


Cloud Names

CloudNames provides a turnkey solution for brand owners who wish to own a top-level domain (TLD) name. By outsourcing the responsibilities and tasks related to applying for and operating a TLD to CloudNames, brand owners can concentrate on strengthening their brands by effectively using their top-level domain.


dot eco


Dot ECO is the leading community-led application for the .ECO domain. Since 2008, over 40 of the world's largest and best known organizations from around the globe, including WWF, Greenpeace, and IUCN have aligned to ensure .ECO is protected. Their objective is to ensure that .ECO is operated with the oversight of the global environmental community in support of their interests and goals.


dot green

DotGreen demonstrates and presents tremendous opportunity in the growing movement toward strategic partnerships as corporations realize the profitability of teaming up with non-profits, and the profitability of going green in many ways.




dotHIV with the new top-level-domain .hiv, establishes a domain- ending, solely serving a social cause. This new domain has three fields of impact: financial support, awareness and Destigmatization.
The Top-Level-Domain .hiv thus becomes the Red Ribbon of the digital age. 


DotJetzt offers a new, smart gTLD for the German speaking market and for everyone who wants to be successful in this market. “Jetzt” means now in German and provides a domain to everyone who wants to communicate up-to-date content and motivate users to get involved.


TLD Registry


TLD Registry The Chinese name, pronounced “Yu Tong Lian Da”, means “Domains Connect Connect Connect”, with “the three connects” sounding like “TLD”. This name expresses the mission using contemporary Mandarin. All Chinese characters in the brandmark and logos are connected, as are the eight dots in the octagonal logos, symbolizing the power of our TLDs to connect Chinese netizens with the Chinese web, and to connect the world to China.


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