Software Escrow Agreements


Our expert in-house legal team are dedicated to providing the most suitable arrangement for all parties involved so if our standard agreements don’t fit your exact requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Single Licensee Agreement

Our single licensee escrow agreements are appropriate for applications or systems that are intended for use by one organization only and have been specifically tailored for that organization. The agreement is held between the software developer, licensee and NCC Group, as the independent third party escrow provider. Under a single licensee agreement the software developer has the responsibility for depositing the source code of the technology, software or system into escrow.

Should the software developer become incapable of providing maintenance and support on a long-term basis, we will release the source code to the software licensee enabling them to take over the continued maintenance of the software in-house or appoint another software developer to do so on their behalf.

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Multi Licensee Deposit Account Agreement

Our multi licensee deposit account escrow agreements are appropriate for software applications or systems that are used by multiple users across different organizations – often referred to as off-the-shelf. Any licensee can join the multi deposit account agreement as long as they have a valid license.

Should an event occur that leads to the software developer being unable to carry out its obligations to the licensees, those registered can apply for the software source code to be released, allowing them to continue maintenance in-house or assign another software developer to do so.

Download Multi Licensee Deposit Account Agreement


Bespoke Agreements

Our standard escrow agreement templates are not for everyone. Our agreements can be customized to provide you with an agreement that is better suited to your requirements. Our legal team is committed to providing the most suitable arrangement for all parties involved.

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