Software Escrow & Verification

Why would you spend time and resources purchasing and developing critical software applications and systems, and not protect your investment?

Software Escrow

Escrow is a straightforward process where an independent provider holds a copy of the intellectual property underlying these assets.

Holding these crucial assets securely with the supplier’s agreement on the end user’s behalf, NCC Group ensures the material can be accessed and released to the user should the developer’s business fail or they do not maintain their contractual obligations.

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Escrow Agreements

What type of Software escrow agreement is right for you?

We offer a wide range of software agreement. Our agreements are drawn up by our in-house legal teams and are available for download direct from our site. Our escrow agents are on hand to answer any question or enquires you may have about an agreement.

SaaS Assured

A cloud disaster recovery and business continuity solution

SaaS Assured helps organizations with their business continuity and disaster recovery planning for all their cloud based applications.

SaaS Assured provides a straightforward, cost effective, contractual solution that gives you peace of mind that you may have access to your application and data in the event of SaaS provider failure.

Registry Data Escrow

ICANN approved RyDE Escrow

As a global leader in software escrow and verification we are uniquely positioned to provide Registry Data Escrow in-line with ICANN standards. As an ICANN Approved gTLD registry data escrow agent we can offer your assurance that your deposits are properly encrypted and transferred via our secure SFTP Portal to WHOIS.

Software Verification

Benefit from Software Verification of your escrow deposits

Software verification of the escrow deposit materials provides the licensee with the confidence that the escrow material will be deployed quickly and effectively in the event of a release. It validates the materials, corrects any deficiencies and creates a detailed continuity plan. 

Secure Access

Services for Patent Litigation and Trade Secret Protection

We have been trusted with our clients' intellectual property for over 30 years now.  We are a trusted agent to both outside counsel and in-house counsel who are involved in complex litigation and intellectual property protection issues.

CfMD Software Escrow

NCC Group is a preferred provider for Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® (CfMD)

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® (CfMD) is an accreditation received by independent software vendors (ISVs) whose business solutions have passed Microsoft’s in-depth testing including the assurance that the software is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics, has been successfully implemented by other customers, and is fully protected through source code escrow.