Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Have you recently assessed the threat exposure level from malicious and unauthorized users to your network, operating systems, firewalls, mainframes, VPNs, storage etc?

NCC Group inspires progressive security defenses to protect the organization through its deep expertise in the most complicated infrastructure security issues currently facing modern enterprises. Strategic Infrastructure Security assessments help organizations understand the extent of both internal and external network exposure to external attackers and malicious insiders. Additionally these engagements are critical for documenting the root causes of insecurity, prioritization of vulnerabilities, and proper remediation.


Standalone Point Services

  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Penetration Testing


Standalone Complimentary Services

  • External Exposure Assessment
  • Enterprise Telephony Assessment
  • Tactical Email Phishing
  • Tactical Phone Phishing
  • Password Strength Testing
  • Physical Vulnerability Assessment
  • Database Security Assessment
  • Web Application Health Check
  • Wireless Security Assessment


Packaged and Specialist Services

  • Attacker Modeled Penetration Testing
  • Red Team Penetration Testing
  • Black Op Penetration Testing
  • Security Assessments for Specialist Systems
  • Training & Security Workshop Service