Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Do you have in house skills to fully triage and understand the implications and extent of an incident?

Who will support your internal teams during an incident?

When an incident occurs it is essential to get the right support as soon as possible.  From explaining the business impact of an incident to conducting detailed technical analysis, our team can assist during the critical phases of an investigation.

Key Features

  • Incident management conducted by experienced individuals.
  • Complete technical analysis capability including host based analysis, network investigation and malware reverse engineering.
  • Supported by one of the largest security consulting teams worldwide.

How does it work?
During an engagement one of our experienced investigators will be assigned to provide incident triage and management, bringing together your internal staff, relevant third-parties and dedicated technical assistance from NCC Group.

We work with you to conduct specialist analysis, identify the impact to your business and provide fast remediation advice.  Through a combination of evidence protection and forensically sound investigation, our investigators will:

  • Determine how the incident or breach occurred, by understanding the initial vector of attack and compromise.
  • Determine the capabilities and activity of a threat actor, and the extent of infiltration.
  • Advise on data theft, configuration changes or other malicious actions carried out by the threat actor
  • As requested, help with law enforcement or third party vendor coordination for the purposes of attribution and enterprise-wide protection measures

We provide you with knowledge and support in the eradication of a threat actor from your environment and in the subsequent effort to bolster your defenses.

Our services include:

  • Security Incident Response
  • Security Compromise Assessment
  • Targeted & Advanced Persistent Threat Services
  • Digital & Network Forensics
  • eDiscovery & Litigation Support 
  • Forensic Readiness Review
  • First Responder Training

Where required our consultants can work under legal privilege on behalf of your legal counsel.  Preferential rates are available with an incident response retainer, providing peace of mind that your IT security staff can call on external assistance.

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