Healthcare Info Security: Clinic Discovers Lengthy Intrusion Post-Ransomware Attack

Michael Leigh, director for security defense operations, is interviewed by Healthcare Info Security about the recent ransomware attack at the Peachtree Neurological Clinic. He is a featured interview in the article “Clinic Discovers Lengthy Intrusion Post-Ransomware Attack.”

He is quoted saying:

Michael Leigh, director for security defense operations at consulting firm NCC Group, says that when hacking incidents go undetected, as appears to be the case at Peachtree Neurological, "obviously, a threat actor being in an organization such a lengthy time poses risk, but risk varies from company to company and varies on what the threat actor compromised."

However, not all targeted assets are of value, and some breaches pose very little risk to an organization, whereas others could be critical, he adds. "The key is the longer they are in an organizations network with a foothold the more time they have to breach a critical asset and therefore all breaches should be taken seriously, which it looks like PNC did."

You can read the full article here:

Published date:  01 August 2017

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