Cinolla provides customers with SaaS Continuity Assurance

July 29, 2014 For Immediate Release

Cinolla, a software as a service (SaaS) company based in the UK, has signed a SaaS Assured agreement with global information assurance firm, NCC Group.

SaaS Assured is a cloud continuity service for cloud based applications which acts as a safety net, providing end users with assurance that they can continue accessing their software and data in the event of provider failure.

Cinolla’s business critical application manages key functions such as bookings, scheduling, and staffing for various outdoor athletic store providers and their clients which include Essex Outdoors, Rockley Watersports, and Girlguiding.

“The SaaS Assured agreement gives our customers extra confidence to invest in our service. It might only be one piece of the business continuity puzzle but it’s a crucial one,” said Rob Brasington of Cinolla.

He added, “The agreement is simple enough for all decision makers to understand, while the legalities are straightforward and clear. I’d highly recommend it to SaaS providers looking to strengthen their offering.”

Since most SaaS applications are hosted in third party data centers, SaaS customers can find themselves without access to their application if their SaaS provider experiences difficulties as the data centers may shut down access to their servers. SaaS Assured provides customers with the assurance that they can have continued access to their application for a period of up to three months following a provider failure.

“We don’t ever plan to make use of SaaS Assured, but having it there makes our proposition more attractive to potential customers and I have no doubt it will help us convert more of our pipeline,” continued Brasington.

Daniel Liptrott, Managing Director of NCC Group’s Escrow Division said, “SaaS Assured adds significant value to a SaaS provider’s offering, removing one of the major barriers to cloud adoption. Cinolla should be commended for being proactive about business continuity and addressing this common customer concern.”


Published date:  29 July 2014

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