NCC Group secures the cloud with SaaS Assured

February 17, 2014 For Immediate Release


NCC Group has removed the biggest barrier to cloud adoption with the launch of SaaS Assured, a service that enables SaaS customers to have continued access to SaaS applications and data if their SaaS provider fails.

The service entails a simple continuity service that offers a safety net enabling SaaS customers to continue to access the application and to extract their data in the event of SaaS provider failure.

Gartner recently estimated that about 25% of the top 100 cloud providers won’t be around by 2015, highlighting the need for a service that provides SaaS continuity for end users.

Pete Stock, Managing Director of NCC Group’s Escrow Division said, “SaaS Assured is designed to provide the ultimate level of protection for both SaaS provider and SaaS customer, safeguarding access to crucial data and software through supplier failure. It adds value to the cloud proposition for both parties.”

To coincide with the launch, NCC Group surveyed 100 CIOs from a range of firms about attitudes to cloud. 90% are set to adopt some form of cloud service by the end of the year, as organisations place an increasing amount of trust and reliance on SaaS providers.

Stock concluded, “Subscribing to a cloud application isn’t any more frightening than renting a house, as long as organisations go about it in the right way and take the right precautions. With SaaS Assured, we’ve made stepping into the cloud simpler and safer.”

Published date:  17 February 2014

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