Employee spotlight: Tony, Principal Security Consultant, NCC Group North America

Describe your typical day at NCC Group

Like any good pen tester, my day starts off by grabbing an energy drink from the fridge when I get into the office! After that, my day tends to vary widely. It generally consists of looking at some code or product and finding security vulnerabilities in them, but along the way I am:

  • Talking to team members who are also on the project
  • Communicating with clients about how testing is going and getting any questions answered
  • Writing up findings for reports
  • Working with co-workers in the office, often asking and answering questions (and maybe trying to squeeze in a game of FIFA in the games room)
  • Staying up to date with current blogs, forums, and conference videos

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I believe the best thing about being an NCC Group consultant is the variety.

One day I might be looking at a popular web application that millions of people use, while the next day I could be working with some firmware written on legacy architecture for some critical hardware.

A lot of people equate security consultancy to solving puzzles and there definitely is some merit to that analogy. Some consultants in the security industry are tasked with solving the same puzzle day after day, but the thing I enjoy about NCC Group is the ability to solve a new puzzle every day.

Why did you decide to work for NCC Group?

To be perfectly honest, I got lucky with NCC Group.

I was graduating from university and I knew I wanted to get into penetration testing one way or another but didn’t know how to get there or what the industry even looked like. NCC Group gave a lecture at my college about a day in the life of a security consultant and I was hooked.

Only after I joined did I realize the ubiquitous and uniqueness of NCC Group, giving me the opportunity to do things I only dreamed I would be able to do.

What is the best thing about working at NCC Group?

I think unequivocally the best thing about NCC Group is the people. I have never worked with a more talented, hard-working and passionate group of individuals who are all striving to achieve the same thing: to be the best at what we do. It sounds cheesy, but it really is astounding that I get to work with individuals who have pioneered the industry, who wrote the books that I read growing up and who constantly motivate me to keep working harder to one day achieve what they have.

How do you see your career progressing with NCC Group?

NCC Group, and security consultancy in general, is such a career opener. Personally, I believe that if you look at a year’s worth of work at NCC Group, that experience is worth five times the amount of experience you would get working for any non-consultancy firm for the same amount of time. This is because you are constantly being tasked with learning new technologies, carrying out new methodologies and working with a diverse set of problems that help you to constantly improving.

As a result, career opportunities outside of NCC Group can begin opening up early and often for many consultants. However, for me personally, I am able to do my dream job for a company that respects and values my talents. That is why I see my career and security skills continuing to progress at NCC Group.

What is your top tip for someone applying for a similar role at NCC Group?

Work ethic pays dividends at NCC Group. When you join the team, it can be overwhelming how much information there is to take in, but no one expects you to learn it overnight.

However, if you put in the hours, work hard and strive for constant improvement, NCC Group gives you the tools to achieve excellence in the industry.

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Published date:  07 September 2017

Written by:  NCC Group Reporter

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