Employee spotlight: Emily, Escrow Sales Manager, US

Describe your typical day at NCC Group

Usually, I start my day by strategizing with sales reps about what deals they are working on and how we can help assist their clients in protecting their IP investments. While I still have clients that I serve, part of my time is spent supporting our sales team to help them win business and serve customers.

In addition to strategizing, a large part of my role is also to provide feedback to the reps about how to develop their sales skills. We discuss how we can improve email templates, appointment ratios, how we can perfect their calls, improve listening skills, and closing techniques.

I am also responsible for ensuring that we forecast our numbers accurately and that there is consistent activity on the sales floor to hit our numbers and build pipeline.

Being part of the management team, I work with numerous departments to help push deals through. I liaise with the Director of Sales, Legal, Verification, Contracts and our Code teams.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

For the last ten years I have lived for the thrill of winning a sale and having happy customers, but now I would say I most enjoy watching others succeed.

It brings me great joy to teach a rep something new and watch them close business utilizing what we learned together. There is a magic moment when you are training someone on a new technique and you witness them implementing it in their sales practice successfully.

I hope that the skills I teach the Account Executives today will be utilized and carried over into their next workplace, if they move on.

I also enjoy knowing that the Account Executives trust me and know that I am here to help them. I strive to create a solution-oriented environment and enjoy watching our people problem solve and grow.

Why did you decide to work for NCC Group?

I actually began my escrow career with Escrow Associates, which was acquired by NCC Group in 2011.
The acquisition itself was a very positive experience. NCC Group learned about what made Escrow Associates successful and slowly merged it with the NCC Group culture.

I chose to work in the escrow industry because I have a passion for learning about software which keeps my job interesting. Additionally, NCC Group has, by far, the best services available. I stand behind our solutions and consider myself a trusted advisor for my clients. I also enjoy selling from multiple perspectives. We help software providers sell their software, and end-users protect their IP investments. From a sales perspective this keeps the job fun, fresh, and requires me to be agile.

What is the most unique thing about working at NCC Group?

The sale itself is incredibly unique. We learn about software before it hits the marketplace and what business issues our clients are trying to solve; it requires a lot of creativity.

I have never been bored here, I continue to learn how to help our clients. And, because we are in the technology industry, NCC Group is also constantly evolving their solutions to meet the marketplace. This allows me to not only conquer sales goals but also helps me learn to become a better manager by implementing new solutions and training reps how to educate their client base.

I also love the people that I work with, they are like family to me. I often at times joke about how if I ever take a sick day (which is incredibly rare) I miss my co-workers. We support each other on a personal and professional note and I think that is special.

How do you see your career progressing with NCC Group?

I recently got promoted from Team Lead to Sales Manager.

The Team Lead role focused more on coaching and supporting the team on individual deals that they would be working on. The Sales Manager role requires me to hold reps more accountable to their numbers, forecast to upper management, ensure reps hit their key performance indicators (KPIs) and maintain office culture.

At this point in time I would like to become an expert at the Sales Manager role. My goal is to help reps succeed on a broader level rather than on individual deals.

What is your top tip for someone applying for a similar role at NCC Group?

I would recommend that if applying for a management role you are open to working with different personalities, you have patience and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives.

Being promoted from sales to management has taught me that the overall good of the business outweighs individual performance and sometimes even my team’s performance.

A manager must also always have a positive attitude, remain professional and strive to bring multiple team members and sometimes departments together to hit the overall goal. I also believe a good manager delivers on promises but also expects accountability. This is what I work towards and I would recommend this to anyone applying for a management role at NCC Group.

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Published date:  23 August 2017

Written by:  Emily Simmons

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