Total Information Assurance


Ensuring Total Information Assurance

We provide freedom from doubt

NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist providing organizations worldwide with expert escrow, verification, security consulting, website performance, software testing and domain services.

Through an unrivaled range of services, we provide organizations across the world with freedom from doubt that their most important assets are protected and operating as they should be at all times.

We are passionate about changing the shape of the Internet and making it safer.

Software Escrow & Verification

Why would you spend time and resources purchasing and developing critical software applications and systems, and not protect your investment?

Our Software Escrow, Software Verification & SaaS Assured solutions are designed to assist any organization that develops, supplies or uses software applications and technology.

We provide total assurance that you are protected by securing the long term availability of mission critical software and applications.

Organizations worldwide rely on us for:

  • Responsive and efficient services
  • Industry expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent reputation

Security Consulting

Advancing secure technology through partnership, research and people

NCC Group brings together industry leaders in Security Consulting by joining iSEC Partners, Intrepidus Group, NGS Software and Matasano Security. Our combined Security Consulting services leverage our extensive knowledge of current security vulnerabilities, penetration testing techniques and software development best practices to enable organizations to secure their applications against ever-present threats. With the world’s largest security testing team, we offer a unique set of skills, expertise and services, unmatched across the world.

Website Performance

Your organization's success depends on how well your website performs.

Why is Web Performance Important for your Business?

Your website is your store's window for the world. Its performance and usability reflect on your brand. If your site goes down, revenue and reputation are both at risk.

NCC Group will help you understand how your website performs and provide expert insights to help you optimize it. Protect your business with NCC Group.

Software Testing

Helping to ensure that your infrastructure and software works as it should, maximizing efficiency and return on investment.

Protect your business with NCC Group

We have many years' experience in delivering expert software testing services.
We are an independent software testing specialist.
We don’t rely upon, or recommend, the use of any one testing tool or process.

Domain Services

Helping to create a safer and more trustworthy internet for all with the highest level of security and reliability

Protect your business with NCC Group 

  • Internet security experts
  • Making the internet a safer place
  • Full suite of Domain Services
  • Unique .trust top level domain

NCC Group across the globe

1,200+ information assurance specialists

3 continents

30 office locations

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