Assurance for the Digital Railway


Protecting passengers, staff, trains, and stations from threats that are constantly arising in different shapes and forms, is a permanent challenge for the rail system actors and beyond

UIC, International Union of Railways


Although railway infrastructure has existed for hundreds of years, the systems present have never been more vulnerable to attack. Current industry assessments focus heavily on safety but have typically assumed little to no malicious intent, particularly by motivated and intelligent threat actors.

New signalling, control and communications systems are more connected and centralised operating centres create a new attack surface. Attackers can now potentially be remote to the railway infrastructure, therefore relying purely on physical security is no longer sufficient.

Passenger numbers are increasing while the pressure to reduce overheads is ever present. Technology solutions for automation and remote monitoring present great opportunities for change in the industry, but manufacturers, integrators and operators must consider the increased risks.

With the heavy use of public transport, even simple disruption of the railways can cost economies dearly and the reputational damage to operators and rail industry companies can be significant.

NCC Group can help ensure an organisation’s important assets are available, functional and operating as they should be. 

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