“Our expanding reliance on information technology in all areas of aviation, from navigation to communications to security, exposes us to cyber threats”

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) secretary general

Aerospace as an industry includes everything from aircraft systems, avionics, passenger media delivery, airports and air traffic management, to spacecraft, satellites and ground stations. The complex interactions between these various systems, protocols and technologies can lead to serious cyber security concerns.

Our bespoke, scenario-based assessment methodologies, coupled with in-house developed security testing tools, enable the aerospace team to identify security vulnerabilities within products, systems and services used throughout the industry. Our team have experience assessing the cyber security posture of a number of modern passenger aircraft as well as IT and industrial control systems at various international airports.

However, cyber security is not just about testing; security by design is vital. NCC Group provides assurance services to the aerospace industry throughout the development lifecycle, from design, through threat modelling and testing, to remediation advice and incident response planning.

Our aerospace team leverage the services offered across the business, including Cyber Defence Operations, Software Testing and Software Escrow to provide a comprehensive suite of assurance solutions .



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