Website Performance Monitoring

How do you know your website is available and performing as it should be?

Website Monitoring

Wouldn't it be great to know what your users actually experience when accessing your website?

We can give you valuable insight into the speed and availability of your site and how it performs for your visitors.

Core to NCC Group's website performance monitoring is our unique testing methodology and accurate, targeted alerting. The result is that we deliver the most reliable and consistent data on website performance available.

Key Features

  • External perspective: We test from outside your firewall, gaining a real user's view of your website's performance.
  • Latest browser emulation: Our technology is based on latest generation browser emulation. Your system will view us as just another user browsing the web site. We are able to get every element on every page, just as it's delivered to end users, including full CSS and JavaScript parsing and execution.
  • Consistent, repeatable testing: Each test is throttled to simulate the end user connection speed. This means a realistic and consistent view of web site speed without the interference of ISP connectivity. We also conduct the testing from multiple UK data centres through 'tier 1' connections, so results are not affected by individual ISP slowdowns or fluctuations in exchange performance.
  • Constant, accurate testing: We test 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at a frequency of your choice starting as low as every minute. Our unique double testing methodology ensures accurate, relevant alerts.
  • APM integration: We’ve worked with a variety of APM (Application Performance Management) tools, which can be integrated with our monitoring solution, helping you to pinpoint the source of any errors, outages and slowdowns.


What to monitor?

We can monitor anything you choose to test on your site. Anything a customer can visit, we can test. We can also monitor any web-based application that's accessible to through your firewall. This includes:

  • Web pages: We'll tell you how consistently your website performs, with detailed speed analysis showing variations over time. This means you can analyse how time of day or week or load on your servers affects stability.
  • User journeys: You can monitor any multi-step user journeys through your website. Whether it is booking a holiday, purchasing insurance, or applying for a job, we can ensure that your key processes are functioning in a proper and timely manner. As our scripts are all built by our expert engineers, they can achieve a higher level of robustness and complexity than any script recorder.



Many of our customers want to benchmark their own performance against others in the industry. We therefore offer:

  • Competitor site monitoring: You nominate the competitor websites for availability and download speed monitoring. We will report on your performance against these competitors.
  • eKPIs and Benchmarks: The performance data the business needs without the detail of the operational monitoring. Our eKPIs package allows you to apply benchmarks to your monitoring. For example, we can let you know straight away if you've slipped off Google's front page for your target search term - and if your closest competitor leapfrogs you in the rankings. To save you time, a monthly report, showing you how the biggest names in your sector are performing online, will go straight to your inbox according to the schedule you nominate.



Even if you don't deliberately market abroad, most businesses are receiving more and more traffic from around the world. If your stats tell you this traffic is significant, it is important to maintain the quality of service for your users on the other side of the globe.

While you can't do much about transcontinental network performance slowing down your site, there comes a time when strategic decisions regarding CDNs, local hosting or customised sites need to be made.

In common with NCC Group's monitoring philosophy, our international monitoring gives you the information you need to make those decisions. By deploying strategic international monitoring locations around the globe and gathering performance trend data, we can provide the assurance that you are delivering the best possible service to your international users.

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Interactive Monitoring Dashboard

What if you had a real-time, at-a-glance guide to the performance and availability of up to 40 websites?

Our Interactive Monitoring Dashboard gives you just that.

Optimised for large screens in network operations centres, it gives you a clear overview of the status of your key monitors.

Interactive Dashboard 1

The colours indicate the status of your tests – success, warning, problem or down. The line graphs show load time.


Interactive Dashboard 2

You can customise the dashboard at any time: change the way the results are displayed or even alter the colour scheme.


The dashboard works just as well on a desktop or laptop, where you have the added advantage of being able to drill down into specific test results.

One click opens up the relevant monitoring account and gives you more detail on the results.

With a second click, you can download the data as a CSV or open up a waterfall graph of a specific test.

From a high-level overview, you’re never more than a few seconds away from object-level detail.

The aim is to make the journey from identifying an issue to pinpointing the source as short as it possibly can be.

Interactive Dashboard 4

Use the dashboard to identify issues as they happen.


Interactive Dashboard 5

Click on an error to open up the relevant set of results in your monitoring account.


Interactive Dashboard 6

Drill down into object-level data, and identify the source of the problem.

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Mobile Monitoring

Mobile device usage is on the rise but do you know if you mobile site is performing?

Whether your customer is browsing for information or making a purchase, the user experience is paramount. We can help you to give your customers the best experience possible.

Unreliable and slow mobile websites can also directly impact your revenue, as users who are dissatisfied with their online experience quickly swap to a better performing mobile website from a competitor.

We can tell you how your mobile websites perform from your users' perspective. We provide you with business critical information about your mobile website's speed and availability that is delivered to your specific requirements, alerting you to any issues as they happen.

Our sophisticated browser agent can emulate most smart phones and tablets on the market to give an accurate reflection of the performance of your mobile site if you have one or your normal website on a mobile if you don't. Using our unique testing methodology, we eliminate the variance caused by different mobile networks and signal strengths to concentrate on the factors you can control. Our agent can be configured not only to identify itself as a smartphone, it can also send a request for content to be served based on the screen resolution of that device and we can introduce latency to our tests to emulate network performance more closely.

As with our standard website performance monitoring, we can monitor pages, user journeys, and competitor pages through the same interface, with the same power and flexibility in reporting and alerting.


With mobile, the web is not the full story. Native apps for Android and iOS are now so commonplace that they should also be monitored. While much of the performance is client side, without the web service or API delivering content to your app reliably, the app often can't function. Using a tailored version of our web services monitor to emulate the mobile client side connection, we can ensure your JSON or XML webservice is available and performing as it should.

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IT Services Monitoring

How can you ensure that the third party resources, web servers or environments you rely on for your website are performing?

Third Party Resources - API/Web Services

Third party resources can be a key part of your customers' most important user journeys. Whether they are feeds, maps or live information, they all need to fall within your overall monitoring strategy. After all, when they slow down or stop, it's your sales that will suffer.

Many sites provide feeds to comparison sites or to partners providing, for example, map inserts, traffic feeds, news feeds and other live third party information. With web services, web APIs and mashups being an important part of transactional websites today, the performance of your XML and JSON transports can be as important as that of your 'real' user journeys. Our performance monitoring solution can validate against standard XML schemas as well as deliver our usual level of reliable performance and availability data and alerting.

Web Servers

We can't transform the performance of your data centre. But we can make sure you know when there's an issue, so you can fix the error before it brings down your whole site.

Our web server availability monitoring solution removes the noise from the rest of the internet, getting straight to the heart of issues caused by individual or multiple web farms. Through careful engineering, we can monitor the availability and performance of every server in the cluster as well as transactional flows, enabling badly performing servers or stacks to be identified easily and repaired or removed from the mix as necessary.

Multiple Environments

As websites rapidly evolve, it's also important to monitor the performance and availability of pre-production or staging environments. Through manipulation of host files or helping you to engineer load balancers, we can monitor most environments in addition to the live one. HTTP or NTLM Authentication, as well as IP based security methods, can enable us to gain secure access, over HTTPS if necessary, to these environments.


Email is one of the most business critical applications in most companies. Slowdowns or outages for just a few moments can have a real impact. Our suite of email monitoring tools offer:

  • Email tracker: We measure the performance of the complete journey of an email, by delivering an email to your servers that is auto forwarded back to us. We can check that all parts of the system are working and deliver the metrics that enable you to track problems.
  • Message Monitor: Enables you to track individual messages that are generated by a variety of activities on your web site. A record is generated as soon as the message is sent and we then track how long it takes for the message to arrive.

Service Level Agreements

This special variant of page testing performs downloads of key content once every minute. The data collected is then carefully crafted into specific reports for the purposes of reviewing any existing service level agreements or guarantees.

The independence of NCC Group and the data we collect will be invaluable when policing service delivery with any third party, whether they are hosting or bandwidth providers, affiliates or your customers.


In addition to HTTP, our test agents also support the standard FTP protocol. We can initiate sessions with your FTP servers at regular intervals to ensure that they are available to your users. Just like page testing we will monitor the performance of these servers, capturing connection speeds and availability.

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