Website Load Testing

Will your website cope when it matters most?

Understand your website’s performance under pressure

How will your website perform when traffic increases?

Load testing is an essential stage in the development lifecycle which ensures that your site doesn't buckle under heavy load.

Our user-friendly Website Load Testing service allows you to control as much of the process as you wish. We offer tailored solutions based on your technical and business requirements.

You can either manage your own tests with the Software as a Service (SaaS) option or opt for managed load testing let our web performance consultants take the strain.

To save time and money on unnecessary retests, it can be a good idea to carry out a pre load test performance audit. This way you can make sure your website is in the best possible shape to cope with extra load before you test it.


Our website load testing service provides:

  • Robust Methodology: We test your sites from an external perspective, exercising the whole of your delivery stack. Our dedicated managed platform provides carefully controlled, repeatable testing which scales as your requirements grow. As your user base increases and your website promotes and serves larger and larger events, our load testing service will continue to provide you with the assurance that your website can keep pace.
  • Accessibility: We can test all your environments (pre-prod, staging, live) as long as they can be accessed from the internet. We initiate all tests from a fixed range of IP addresses so you can grant access to our service without making your non-production environments available to the public.
  • Powerful Scripting: Our team of expert support engineers will turn your requirements into robust scripts emulating rich user interactions with your site that conventional script and macro recorders cannot. We can simulate any user activity on your site or web service or tailor scripts to test specific areas of your infrastructure. We provide you with expert scripting support and maintain your scripts for future tests enabling you to achieve comparable results and consistent data as your website's functionality develops over time.
  • Intuitive Portal: Our load testing portal enables you to rapidly configure and run load testing scenarios. If you have not used our portal before, we train you at the start of the testing process, so you can design and set up your scenarios before the test commences. We also give you the opportunity to verify that your scripts have been written according to your requirements before the main testing windows.
  • Actionable Reporting: Our reporting portal gives you instant access to a wealth of detailed performance data and reports, enabling you to identify the causes of any bottlenecks, slow-downs or failures and immediately verify any changes you make to your platform. If you need additional data from application monitoring to complement your load test, we can draw on our network of web performance partners to meet your requirements.
  • Project Support: Whether you require a fully managed load project or only wish to use our powerful SaaS portal, we track your project, sharing our documentation with you and clearly communicating project milestones. We give you the opportunity to verify that our scripts meet your requirements before testing giving you absolute confidence in the results. At any point in the testing process, our professional services and support teams stand ready to provide expert assistance. We also offer comprehensive portal training to all new users.


Load testing is a recurring requirement. As we work with you to deliver your website load testing goals, we aim to transfer our knowledge to you so you can get the best out of our service for yourself. As we move through different projects we can tailor our involvement to suit your requirements, ensuring that we always provide the level of support that you need.

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