Real User Monitoring

How does your website’s performance affect your business goals?

We'll bring you the story of your website’s performance from the perspective of the people who use it


Real User Monitoring tracks every visit to every page on your site and tells you how it’s performing for different groups of users.

Instantly see which pages are slow for which visitors – and how that’s affecting your organisation's KPIs. It displays live session data in real time, allowing you to interrogate large volumes of data and easily discover:

  • how load times are affecting
    • conversions
    • session length 
    • bounce rate
    • revenue
  • which are the slowest pages on your site
  • how performance relates to factors such as
    • device
    • browser
    • ISP
    • location
  • which visitors are seeing the worst performance
  • whether your CDN is delivering the performance value it should
  • where to focus your development efforts and infrastructure investment.

In short, Real User Monitoring gives you the instant insight you need to deliver a fast, effective website for all of your customers.


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What makes NCC Group's RUM solution different?

See how much faster your website needs to be to improve conversions

You know faster websites make more money. But what does that mean for you?

Our RUM service analyses your site’s performance as it relates to conversion, bounce rate, session length and revenue.

Using this data, it calculates how much faster you need to be to improve any of these KPIs.


How would conversions improve if your website loaded two seconds faster?


Instantly see the key factors affecting performance for different groups of users

The Significant Elements report shows you the factors that have the strongest correlation with load times. Keep drilling down for a deeper understanding of how different factors are affecting different user segments.

RUM user segments

Understand which user segments are seeing the poorest performance and why


Customised alerts

Our aim is to give you the information you need when you need it. Need to know when a page’s performance is different from what you would expect? You can set up highly customisable alerts so you’re never left in the dark.

RUM Alerts

Simple, tailor-made alerting


Quick and easy to set up

Set up an account today and add a small line of JavaScript to your website to get started. Once we start to receive live session data from your website, your dashboard will be populated with real-time analytics. Our experts will also be on hand to help you get started.

Page impressions over time, broken down by device type


Easily spot changes in performance over time

The Performance Trends report shows expected ranges for metrics including response start and download duration, based on previous results. Any results that fall outside this range are highlighted automatically, making it easier to spot and investigate anomalies.

The Performance Trends report automatically highlights anomalies


Real-time view of performance by location

The mapping feature gives you an easy-to-consume view of performance by location – perfect for instant insights into CDN performance.


Get an instant overview of performance by location


Create and pull reports easily

Analyse visits by location, device type, browser or operating system, helping you pin down the factors that are affecting performance. Does your site slow down when lots of visitors are trying to use a particular service? Or are visitors on mobile devices seeing unusually slow load times on certain pages? Pull simple, clear reports that display the results ready for use at internal or external meetings.

An overview of the worst-performing pages on the site


Detailed insight

More detail is there when you need it. For example, you might start with page load speed percentiles over time. The chart below shows some noticeable spikes in load times for the 80th percentile upwards:

Click on any one of the data points to drill down to page load speed distribution. In this example, load times are broken down by device type:

Page load speed distribution by device type

Keep drilling down to see the different components of page load time for a deeper understanding of performance:

Breakdown of timing points for an individual page

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Real User Monitoring options

Real User Monitoring is available as a standalone service to both new and existing customers. We have a number of options available to suit your business needs and capacity.


Managed Real User Monitoring Services

Our managed RUM option gives you access to our web performance consultants, helping you get maximum value from your monitoring. 


Real User Monitoring with Synthetic Monitoring

Real User Monitoring is the perfect complement to synthetic monitoring. While synthetic monitoring is essential for setting baselines and tracking changes in performance and availability over time, real user monitoring gives you a real-time view of what your customers actually experience.


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