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Find out what’s slowing your website down and learn how to improve it

"We make good use of Performance Analyser. It has become key to our business. There is no question that it is an excellent service, and the reports that give us the information we need are certainly very good."

Ecommerce Analyst, Retailer

Real-browser testing to help you measure, visualise and improve the experience your website delivers


Faster websites mean better conversion, lower bounce rates, happier customers and, ultimately, more revenue. Optimising a website for performance can also cut bandwidth and infrastructure costs.

But to improve your website’s performance, first you need to understand it.

Performance Analyser uses real-browser performance tests to help bring you that understanding.

It can crawl your site, give you a picture of overall performance, identify the worst performing pages and even offer optimisation advice.

Performance Analyser also gives you insights into perceived performance, with metrics such as Speed Index and visualisations such as the Performance Heatmap.

  • Reliably benchmark performance – thanks to NCC Group’s uniquely stable testing platform, you can test, improve and retest with confidence.
  • Get insight into the experience your responsive or mobile site delivers with mobile device emulation.
  • Schedule regular tests as frequently as every five minutes and compare key metrics over time.
  • Easily build tests into continuous integration solutions such as Jenkins and Team City.
  • Use scripted sessions to run tests that require complex interactions with your site, such as completing and submitting a form or adding a product to a basket.
  • Quickly pinpoint the performance bottlenecks on your site – easy-to-consume reports, including request maps, filmstrips and video, bring new insights to technical and non-technical teams alike.
  • Build your own dashboards or integrate results with other data sources with our powerful API

If you don’t have the time or resources to get the most out of Performance Analyser, we also offer it as a managed service.

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A few ways Performance Analyser delivers the insight you need

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Understand the impact of third-party services

What are third parties doing on your website?

Which ones are slow to respond?

What other domains are they making calls to?

Performance Analyser’s request mapping feature gives you the answers.

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Visualise performance

As well as performance metrics, such as Speed Index, time to onload and visually complete, Performance Analyser helps you visualise performance through filmstrips and video.

This gives you much better insight into the experience your website actually delivers.

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Performance Heatmap

The Performance Heatmap shows which parts of the page are slowest to display.

A slider allows you to adjust your KPIs, to help you understand where you need to focus your optimisation efforts. 

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