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Our world-leading performance experts will transform your in-house expertise, so you can build and maintain faster, more profitable websites

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Achieve and maintain a faster, more reliable website by bringing key skills in-house


Making websites faster can be challenging, both technically and culturally. Developers need to know how to effect change and where best to focus their efforts. The business needs to understand the importance of performance and its impact on the bottom line.


Slow websites can have a big, negative impact on user experience. The result can be fewer pageviews, poorer conversion rates and less revenue.


Sometimes, the best way to deliver long-term performance improvements is to make sure you have a certain level of knowledge and skills in-house.

We can deliver web performance training tailored to your needs. So before doing anything else, we’ll work to understand your website, your processes and your business model. We’ll then agree the best approach to take – what training to deliver to which audiences, taking into account each individual’s skill level and objectives.

The training itself is usually run over one or two days. It can take place at your premises, at one of our offices (in Leatherhead or Manchester) or at an external venue to suit you. Our experts include a number of experienced trainers who know how to deliver practical, engaging and memorable workshops.

Every session is different, but we’ll typically cover some or all of the following, depending on the audience:


For the business

  • How performance impacts revenue and other key metrics, such as conversion, cost per acquisition and lifetime value – and how you can measure that impact
  • How performance impacts cost – and how a poor-performing website can be an unexpected drain on resources
  • How the online user experience affects how your customers perceive your organisation
  • What to look out for – a high-level overview of the things that often have the biggest effect on performance
  • Measuring and reporting performance – who needs to know what?
  • Getting the rest of the business on board – changing culture


For developers

  • Why performance matters
  • Different ways to measure performance
  • Baking performance into the design, development and release process
  • Housekeeping – how to stop bloated code from slowing down your website
  • New techniques and technologies – what should you be using now, and what should you be considering for the future?
  • Selling it to the business – communicating performance issues


For content managers and marketers

  • Why performance matters
  • The effect of traffic on performance and availability
  • Different ways to measure performance
  • Common performance bottlenecks
  • Third parties and the risk of external single points of failure
  • Is your CMS (content management system) holding you back?
  • Establishing processes to deliver a high-performing website
  • Selling it to the business – communicating the importance of performance


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