Digital Performance Strategy

We'll work with you to build a performance strategy that helps you achieve your long-term business goals

Build a performance strategy to help you deliver a better online experience for your customers


Where does your website sit in relation to your competitors? Is it fast enough? Is it reliable enough? How do you know? How is it affecting customer behaviour? And does the business care?


Reaping the rewards of a fast, reliable website requires more than technical know-how.


It needs buy-in across the whole digital value chain. And it needs business tribes to work closely together. It needs long-term planning, budgeting and allocation of scarce resources to achieve the maximum benefits for the minimum investment. In other words, it needs a strategic approach.

We can help you build one.

Our consultants will work with you in a three-stage process, offering as little or as much of their expertise as you need every step of the way.


What are you looking to achieve? What do you need to achieve it?

  • Vision > Establish the desired performance outcomes
  • Current environment > Establish the current performance infrastructure
  • Digital performance gap analysis > Identify capability gaps and key change streams


Formulate the programme of work you need to execute the performance strategy.

  • Programme definition > Define the change programme stages and identify resources
  • Strategic alignment > Ensure programme is aligned to current strategic initiatives
  • Readiness assessment > Review processes, availability of resources and risks
  • Confirm business case > Articulate and validate the business case
  • Performance model > The formal detailed statement of how the business value will be delivered
  • Enabling activities > Pre kick-off preparatory tasks


Effective and efficient delivery of the performance outcomes.

  • Programme control > Management of benefit delivery through programme, projects and work packages
  • KPI measurement > Continual collection and reporting of key business metrics against budget
  • Oversight > Performance governance responsible for achieving performance outcomes
  • Communications > Performance culture through awareness, education and leadership
  • Capability growth > Building internal expertise to achieve sustainable performance outcomes
  • Continuous learning > Systemic process improvement through lessons learned and risks mitigated

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