Third-Party Tag Review

We'll show you whether third-party content on your site is delivering what it promises and whether it's impacting the user experience

Our experts will help you understand and improve the management of third-party tags on your site


"The whole third-party tag audit was very positive. The recommendations were made objectively and the analysis was done with a customer focus – our interests were at the fore rather than simply being about trying to sell us things we didn't need."

Director of Marketing, Retailer – Kitchenware

Tags – small snippets of code from third-party providers – are normally used to track visitor behaviour, display targeted advertising or run tests. Ultimately, their purpose is to help you generate more revenue from your website.

But they don't always do what they're supposed to.

Some of them could be slowing your website down.

Some could even effectively take your site down if they fail altogether.

Others could simply be failing to deliver the benefits they promise – for example, by feeding you misleading analytics data.

You might be using a tag management solution to try to avoid these issues. However, these can actually make matters worse:


"Tag management done badly can create more problems than it is supposed to solve."

Paul Cook, Founder, TagMan


Tag Audit

We'll always start with an audit.

What tags are on your site? How are they affecting page speed? Are your competitors having the same issues?

This isn't always straightforward. For example, third parties may call on fourth parties. Your website could be delivering content from people you know nothing about. Different tags may also be used on different devices. We'll use request mapping to show you where content is coming from and map out the relationships between different suppliers.

We’ll also highlight any single points of failure, comparing performance with and without tags.

If you rely on third parties for tracking and analytics, we’ll look for discrepancies, show you where data is lost (or duplicated) and highlight any privacy concerns.

At the end of the process, we'll present our findings to your key stakeholders.

We'll use request mapping to help assess the impact of third-party tags


Tag Performance Review

In a Tag Performance Review, we'll delve deeper, giving you a more detailed assessment of the impact of your third-party tags and your tag management solution, if you have one.

We’ll look not just at how they affect performance but also at the wider impact on user experience. Is third-party content making it more difficult to interact with the page? How does it affect frame rates and journey times? How does the user experience vary by device type?

As well as suggesting changes to your tag implementations to improve user experience, we’ll recommend acceptance criteria for third-party code.


Performance Impact Study

How are your customers actually affected by the third-party content on your website?

For example, are they less likely to complete a transaction? Are they more likely to abandon a particular page?

Ultimately, you need to know if third parties are making your website more profitable. Or if they could be having the opposite effect.

In a Performance Impact Study, we’ll run a series of experiments to find out.

We’ll use real user monitoring and analytics to help you pinpoint the optimum implementation for your third-party tags.

By the end of the engagement, you’ll know how to get the maximum value from your third-party content with the minimum negative impact.



With each of these services, you get a prioritised set of actionable recommendations. But if you need us to, we can go one step further and put theory into practice. Our consultants include some of the world's leading tag management and web performance experts, so you know you'll be in safe hands.

We'll also give you training to help you make informed choices about third-party services in the future.


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