Pre Load Test Performance Audit

Minimise the chances of having to carry out fixes after your load test

We'll make sure your website is in the best possible shape before you test it


You need to find out how your site will perform under pressure.

Perhaps you’re running an advertising campaign or launching a new product. Either way, you’re expecting a lot more traffic, and you’ve decided to load test in advance.

But you want to get your site in the best possible shape beforehand.

That’s where the Pre-Load Test Performance Audit comes in:

  • We’ll crawl your site with Performance Analyser and use a range of other tools to identify the front-end optimisation techniques that will have the most impact.
  • Our performance consultants will come up with a set of recommendations for a faster site that will perform better under load.

This means:

  • Reducing page download time (increasing potential throughput)
  • Reducing bandwidth requirements (and therefore costs)
  • Reducing back-end resource constraints, allowing you to get more from your existing architecture.

You can then be sure you’re load testing the best possible version of your site, minimising the chances of having to repeat the process.

The end product is a high-performing site that helps you:

  • Maximise revenue – faster sites mean lower bounce rates
  • Minimise cost – by cutting bandwidth usage
  • Preserve your reputation – avoid the PR disaster of a site that collapses under load.