Performance Health Check

A complete picture of your website's performance, with actionable recommendations from our experienced consultants

We'll help you understand and transform your website’s performance


Our experienced consultants will deliver a set of actionable recommendations that show you how to get the maximum benefits for the minimum investment in time and resources.


Optimising your website’s performance can make a huge difference to KPIs including conversion, bounce rate and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention, conversion and even basket size – 40% of visitors will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.
  • Cut your bandwidth costs.
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors.


What you will get

"The onsite presentation following the health check was the whole genius part of the engagement. When the results were presented, we were able to talk through issues directly and your consultant was particularly knowledgeable about what he was doing. After making a few recommended improvements the speed of our site had significantly increased. It was quite remarkable and we wouldn’t have got there anything like as quickly without your input. It has been a very positive benefit for us."

Lead IT Developer, University

Our experts will look at you where you sit in relation to the competition, identify key bottlenecks and show you how you can improve.

Most importantly, they’ll use their years of experience to pinpoint the optimisation techniques that will work best for you. A Health Check is not a box-ticking exercise but a thorough examination that will tell you all you need to know about your site’s front-end performance. For example, it’s not all about total load times – our performance consultants will also look at how to get critical content on the screen as fast as possible.

At the end of this five-day engagement, you’ll get a thorough report, containing prioritised, actionable advice on how best to fix your site’s performance issues.

Once you’re confident that you’ve implemented our recommendations, you have the option of following up with a re-check. This helps you ensure that the work has been done properly (useful if it’s been outsourced to a third party) and shows you just how effective it has been.



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