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Eggplant acquires Web Performance

Give us your web performance problems. And we’ll give you the solutions.


Every business faces its own set of challenges. And those challenges can’t always be met with pre-packaged products and services. Fortunately, our experts can deliver tailor-made solutions to help you meet your goals.

If you have a web performance question, we’ll answer it. If you need a tool that doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped people understand and improve their website’s performance.

CDN evaluation

We’ve saved major retailers tens of thousands of pounds with independent assessments of how CDN providers performed.

Tag bubble chart

We built a report that’s helped customers visualise and understand the volume and impact of third-party content on a web page as it loads.

Image checker

We developed a Chrome Extension to help you instantly see which images on a web page are the wrong size for the viewport (read more here).


Jank meter

We enabled a media organisation to measure and improve the smoothness of scrolling on its web pages by building the Jank Meter bookmarklet.


Custom dashboards & visualisations

We regularly create customised displays that deliver the right information to different audiences, from ops centres to boardrooms.

APM integration

Our consultants are familiar with a wide range of APM solutions. They have helped a number of customers integrate them seamlessly with our own external monitoring solution, adding context and giving them the best of both worlds.

APM consultancy

A number of customers have been overwhelmed by the technical data from their APM solution. Our experts helped them analyse and understand the output, and make improvements.

Customised monitoring alerts

We deliver alerts to a customer who needs to know when its site’s performance over the last few tests is x% slower than the average for the last seven days.

Coaching and mentoring

We’ve helped several customers bridge the gap between knowing what needs to be fixed and actually making the changes through one-to-one coaching sessions.

Mobile lab

We built a mobile lab to help both our customers and our own experts get consistent, reliable performance data for a wide range of mobiles and tablets, from the fastest to the slowest.

Performance heatmap

We built the Performance Heat Map to give customers an at-a-glance way to understand how quickly the elements on a page are displayed. This was so popular that we integrated it into Performance Analyser.

Request map

We found that some customers didn’t know what content was on their site or how it was getting there. The Request Map is a visualisation that answers this question. This is now a standard report in Performance Analyser.

Third-party site audit

Some customers asked us for a full audit of all the third-party content on their site. We used the API for Performance Analyser to build tables and other visualisations to help those customers better manage their third-parties.

Whatever your web performance problem, we’ll help you solve it!



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