Digital Performance Management

Improve online experience – delight your customers – meet your targets

Eggplant acquires Web Performance

Understand and deliver the business benefits of a fast, reliable website.


Partner with NCC Group and we'll take you on a journey towards meeting your KPIs through a better customer experience.

Your dedicated performance manager will help you through:

What we'll deliver

DPM Journey Roll

Help where you need it

For a fast, reliable online presence, you need to bring all these elements together.

But where we come in is up to you.

We can manage the whole journey. Or we can fill in the gaps with targeted, incremental improvements in performance or in process.

Either way, we’ll help you gain control of your online performance at all times for all your users.

Start your journey with a free trial

Get a free Digital Performance Management trial to find out how a high-performing online presence can transform your business.

Your free trial includes:

  • Real user monitoring to tell you how your site's speed affects conversion
  • Building the business case for a faster website
  • Reliable web performance monitoring and alerting
  • Visualisations and analysis to help you understand the experience your site delivers
  • Free performance status report
  • Free third-party assessment


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