Web Performance Consultancy

Maximise revenue from your site by making it faster.

Website Performance Advisory Services

It's one thing to know you need a faster website. But how do you make it happen?

Our team of web performance consultants will help you identify and solve your performance problems.

Web performance is all they do, day in, day out. They keep up to date with the latest thinking. They’ve encountered every web performance issue under the sun.

In other words, they live and breathe web performance, so you don’t have to.

Whether you’ve got a particular issue you need to resolve or you don’t know where to start and need a thorough investigation of your site’s performance, we can help.

You’ll find details of some of the pre-packaged services we offer below. However, we can also tailor our consultancy services to meet your needs, identifying your performance issues, recommending solutions, implementing fixes and reviewing the results.

How Can We Help?

  • Creating a Web Performance Strategy: Web performance touches so many parts of your business that a coherent performance strategy is essential. From regular reporting and benchmarking to building performance into the development process, we can help you create a culture of performance that will help you get the most out of your website.
  • Performance Investigation: If you have a performance issue, we can investigate it using our suite of performance measurement tools. We can draw on a huge pool of experience to advise you on how to fix issues and prevent them from recurring.
  • Data Interpretation: We can interpret your data to identify performance issues, trends and opportunities for optimising the end-to-end performance of your website.
  • Performance Optimisation Workshops: Our performance consultants have a wealth of performance optimisation experience which they can share with you. Performance workshops begin with instruction in the purpose, principles and techniques of front-end optimisation. We'll then go through an interactive investigation into your website's performance, advising you on how to optimise it further.
  • Performance across Different Devices: Whether your site is mobile, desktop, responsive or adaptive, we have the tools and expertise to help you improve its performance.

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Performance Health Check

How we can help you understand and transform your website’s performance

In a Performance Health Check, our consultants will use data from a range of sources, including our monitoring service and Performance Analyser, to get a complete picture of your site’s performance.

They’ll look at you where you sit in relation to the competition, identify key bottlenecks and show you how you can improve. Most importantly, they’ll use their years of experience to pinpoint the optimisation techniques that will work best for you. A Health Check is not a box-ticking exercise but a thorough examination that will tell you all you need to know about your site’s front-end performance. For example, it’s not all about total load times – our performance consultants will also look at how to get critical content on the screen as fast as possible.

At the end of this five-day engagement, you’ll get a thorough report, containing prioritised, actionable advice on how best to fix your site’s performance issues.

Once you’re confident that you’ve implemented our recommendations, you have the option of following up with a re-check. This helps you ensure that the work has been done properly (useful if it’s been outsourced to a third party) and shows you just how effective it has been.

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Expert Review

Need a performance review but don’t have time for a full Health Check?

In just two days, a performance consultant will review your website, identifying where you can make the biggest performance gains for the smallest investment.

They will then follow up with a web performance workshop, presenting their findings and passing some of their expertise on to you. You’ll find out how the results were obtained, why they are significant, and how you can achieve and maintain better long term performance.

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Managed Performance Analyser

Like the sound of Performance Analyser but don’t have the time and resources to get the most out of it?

Our performance consultants can run regular Performance Analyser tests and trawl through the results on your behalf.

They will deliver easy-to-digest reports at regular intervals (typically monthly or quarterly, depending on your preference), working with you to decide on and address the most pressing performance issues.

Over the course of the engagement, you’ll see how implementing their recommendations, makes your site faster and more resilient.

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Managed Load Testing

Do you want someone to manage your load testing for you?

We can manage and deliver your testing project on your behalf, delivering expert advice and insight at every step.

Our managed load testing service combines our advanced load testing platform and reporting portal with expert advice and support. We manage the process, working with you to give you the assurance that your load test will succeed.

Key Features

  • Project Support: We document and plan your load testing project, recording key milestones and communicating which actions you need to take as well as what we shall do next. We capture changing requirements, highlighting risks and can engage with your third-party suppliers as required.
  • Testing Design and Execution: If you don't have the time or resources to run the test, we can offer the assurance of a professional team to take on the project. We can take your pre-planning objectives and turn them into well-defined testing scenarios.
  • Results Analysis and Interpretation: Our results are immediate and clear, so you can see what's going on straight away, make changes to your infrastructure and run further tests. We'll give you a guided tour of your results through an online interface, highlighting the most interesting findings. We can also help you to understand what might be behind those results.
  • APM Integration: An APM (Application Performance Management) tool can help you get more from your load testing, pinpointing the source of errors and slowdowns. We have extensive experience of working with a range of APM tools, and we understand that different systems often need different solutions. Since we’re not tied to a single supplier, we can also give you impartial advice on what will work best for you.
  • Formal Report: We offer a final report at the end of your load testing project as a record of the entire project including actions and results.

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Pre Load Test Performance Audit

Is your website ready for a load test?

You need to find out how your site will perform under pressure.

Perhaps you’re running an advertising campaign or launching a new product. Either way, you’re expecting a lot more traffic, and you’ve decided to carry out load testing in advance.

But you want to get your site in the best possible shape beforehand.

That’s where the Pre Load Test Performance Audit comes in:

  • We’ll crawl your site with Performance Analyser and use a range of other tools to identify the front-end optimisation techniques that will have the most impact.
  • Our performance consultants will come up with a set of recommendations for a faster site that will perform better under load.

This means:

  • Reducing page download time (increasing potential throughput)
  • Reducing bandwidth requirements (and therefore costs)
  • Reducing back-end resource constraints, allowing you to get more from your existing architecture.

You can then be sure you’re load testing the best possible version of your site, minimising the chances of having to repeat the process.

The end product is a high-performing site that helps you:

  • Maximise revenue – faster sites mean lower bounce rates
  • Minimise cost – by cutting bandwidth usage
  • Preserve your reputation – avoid the PR disaster of a site that collapses under load.

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Managed Monitoring

Are you getting the most out of your monitoring data?

NCC Group’s monitoring service uses one of the most reliable, robust testing platforms in the world. It gives you accurate, timely and fully customisable alerts about the speed and availability of your site.

But it can also do much more.

Managed Monitoring allows you to use your monitoring service as more than just an alerting tool. Our professional services team will dive into the data, highlighting what they consider to be the big issues. They’ll trawl through the figures, looking for patterns, pinpointing irregularities and identifying areas of concern or for improvement.

Years of experience mean they know just what to look for, and they’ll use their expertise to help you evaluate and improve your site’s performance over time.

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Managed Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring gives you access to a vast amount of data – but how do you get the most out of it?

Real User Monitoring tracks every visit to your website and captures performance metrics for virtually every visitor. This allows you to understand how your website performs from the end user’s perspective. You can also analyse performance by a range of factors, including location, device type and browser.

To get the most from your Real User Monitoring solution, you need time and expertise. If you don’t have the resources you need to get the maximum insight from your data, our web performance experts are ready to step in and help you with:

  • Training – get the skills you need to make the most of Real User Monitoring.
  • Reporting – regular insight into the most pressing performance issues.
  • Hypothesis testing – when you need Real User Monitoring for a specific project, we’ll analyse the data over a fixed period and give you a report at the end. For example, you might want to test the performance of different CDNs.

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Third-Party Tag Review

What if something you’ve added to your website to boost
your revenue is actually losing you money?

Tags – small snippets of code from third-party providers – are normally used to track visitor behaviour, display targeted advertising or run tests. Ultimately, their purpose is to help you generate more revenue from your website.

But they don't always do what they're supposed to.

Some of them could be slowing your website down.

Some could even effectively take your site down if they fail altogether.

Others could simply be failing to deliver the benefits they promise – for example, by feeding you misleading analytics data.

You might be using a tag management solution to try to avoid these issues. However, these can actually make matters worse:

"Tag management done badly can create more problems than it is supposed to solve."
Paul Cook, Founder, TagMan

In a third-party tag review, we'll help you make sure your tags deliver maximum value.

Tag Audit

We'll always start with an audit.

What tags are on your site? How are they affecting page speed? Are your competitors having the same issues?

This isn't always straightforward. For example, third parties may call on fourth parties. Your website could be delivering content from people you know nothing about. Different tags may also be used on different devices. We'll use request mapping to show you where content is coming from and map out the relationships between different suppliers.

We’ll also highlight any single points of failure, comparing performance with and without tags.

If you rely on third parties for tracking and analytics, we’ll look for discrepancies, show you where data is lost (or duplicated) and highlight any privacy concerns.

At the end of the process, we'll present our findings to your key stakeholders.

We'll use request mapping to help assess the impact of third-party tags


Tag Performance Review

In a Tag Performance Review, we'll delve deeper, giving you a more detailed assessment of the impact of your third-party tags and your tag management solution, if you have one.

We’ll look not just at how they affect performance but also at the wider impact on user experience. Is third-party content making it more difficult to interact with the page? How does it affect frame rates and journey times? How does the user experience vary by device type?

As well as suggesting changes to your tag implementations to improve user experience, we’ll recommend acceptance criteria for third-party code.


Performance Impact Study

How are your customers actually affected by the third-party content on your website?

For example, are they less likely to complete a transaction? Are they more likely to abandon a particular page?

Ultimately, you need to know if third parties are making your website more profitable. Or if they could be having the opposite effect.

In a Performance Impact Study, we’ll run a series of experiments to find out.

We’ll use real user monitoring and analytics to help you pinpoint the optimum implementation for your third-party tags.

By the end of the engagement, you’ll know how to get the maximum value from your third-party content with the minimum negative impact.


With each of these services, you get a prioritised set of actionable recommendations. But if you need us to, we can go one step further and put theory into practice. Our consultants include some of the world's leading tag management and web performance experts, so you know you'll be in safe hands.

We'll also give you training to help you make informed choices about third-party services in the future.


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