Website Performance


Three reasons why you need a fast, stable website

1 Earn more revenue through increased conversions and lower bounce rates.

2 Cut costs by using less bandwidth and less hardware.

3 Safeguard revenue and reputation by keeping your site up and running at busy times.

NCC Group will help you understand how your website performs and provide expert insights to help you optimise it.

Let us guide you through the importance of website performance with a quick summary of what it entails.

Web Performance Consultancy

Increase revenue, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction by making your site faster

Speed of content delivery is a key factor for online success. But as website content gets richer and heavier, web performance is suffering.  At the same time, users are getting more and more demanding. Optimising your website will help improve customer experience and long-term loyalty.

We can show you how to make your site faster, so you can get and stay ahead of the competition.

Performance Monitoring

Website Performance Monitoring will ensure that your Website is Available 24/7

Website availability and performance are now critical for any business: research shows that 57% of online shoppers will wait three seconds or less for a website to load before abandoning it. We provide website monitoring services to some of the UK's top e-retailers, offering a uniquely stable testing platform and accurate, timely alerts, 24/7 to help you react faster than your competition.


Real User Monitoring

Understand your website’s performance from the visitors’ perspective

Real User Monitoring (RUM) tracks every visit to your website and tells you how it performs from the end user’s perspective.

It helps you understand how performance relates to everything from location to the kinds of devices your visitors are using.

This gives you invaluable insight that helps you deliver a better online experience for your customers.

Load Testing

Website Load Testing will support your Website under Pressure

NCC Group's website load testing services will give you independent assurance of your site's performance under pressure.  Our experts will test your site in a controlled environment to ensure that it’s prepared for any changes in the marketplace. Using our market-leading emulated browser and uniquely stable test environment, we’ll deliver data you can trust. 

Performance Analyser

For a complete picture of your site’s performance

Performance Analyser gives you uniquely consistent, reliable information about how your site is performing.

Test results include a range of useful charts, filmstrips, videos, tables and reports, as well as helpful optimisation advice.

Performance Analyser goes beyond overall load times, reporting on a range of other useful metrics, such as render start and Speed Index (a measure of how quickly the visible parts of a page are displayed).