Test Centre

Do you find yourself compromising quality to save money?

With NCC Group's Test Centre, we can reduce the cost of your test delivery using a UK based secure test lab and ensure that quality is still the top priority.

Historically, in order to significantly reduce the costs of testing, companies have been pushed towards moving their services offshore. The cost benefits of making these changes have often been difficult to realise as companies grapple with issues such as quality, security and flexibility. 

NCC Group has developed a secure test centre in Manchester UK, to provide a range of low cost, high quality and scalable outsourced software testing services that offer a cost-effective alternative to offshoring.

Organisations are now using our Test Centre service to improve results by moving their testing activities from a costly in-house model or migrating back from offshore.

Key Features

  • Outsourced, cost effective testing solution scalable to your business requirements.
  • Proven quality processes with certificates in ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001.
  • Consistent level of service from a professional testing team.
  • A true partnership that has the benefits of a dedicated testing team without the overhead of managing it.
  • Guaranteed testing coverage using professional testers (we cover all holidays and absences using only trained resources that understand your applications).
  • Low cost blended teams of senior and standard testers aligned to suit your testing complexity.
  • Professional advice and support in all areas of IT Assurance.
  • Work transmitted from secure facilities that can process data up to IL5.
  • Location independent facilities.

We are able to offer functional testing, including system testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing, plus compatibility and accessibility testing, against traditional in-house applications, cloud based deployed applications and mobile applications.

Our services are delivered from secure facilities that can transmit data up to IL5 reducing risks and guaranteeing the highest level of peace of mind for your project.

Our dedicated testing teams can assure your application's functionality and compatibility with multiple browsers, desktops and mobile devices, minimising risk and cost with a high quality, UK-based testing facility.

As an organisation we also hold certifications from CREST, PCI SSC, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 ensuring that we adhere to the highest levels of security & quality.

Long Term Benefits

We appreciate that wherever possible, organisations will only want to outsource their testing activities once, as the effort involved in doing this can be significant. With that in mind NCC Group works hard to ensure that our customers are entirely confident that the processes we apply are entirely suitable to their needs.

Before we commence any testing activities for a new customer, we will carry out a thorough analysis and due diligence exercise which is aimed at accurately mapping your current underlying test processes and ensuring that we can improve results, deliver quality and add value. Our experts will spend at least a full week (at no cost) with you, developing your bespoke outsourced arrangements to allow us to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are able to provide dedicated and experienced Test Managers and Account Managers who are there to manage your day to day testing activities and provide you with comprehensive feedback and management information.

Remote Testing

Do you need a quick turnaround for your testing projects?

NCC Group offers a wide range of remote testing services to enable organisations to get their product to market faster.

Our virtual test team is made up of professional and experienced software testers ready to offer a fast and efficient solution to your testing requirements.

Our vast testing expertise ensures that we will use the right techniques and methods, such as exploratory testing, to find your defects quickly.

Our testing capabilities include functional, integration, compatibility, accessibility, regression, UAT and automation testing. These testing capabilities are founded on over 10 years’ experience in delivering engagements across a variety of business sectors including e-commerce, telecommunications, government, retail and banking.

As part of our remote testing service we also offer full end to end testing including performance and security testing, whether this is via applications, browsers or mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Truly flexible solution.
  • Professional & skilled testers.
  • Instant availability.
  • Reduced test start-up times.
  • Accelerated delivery.
  • Reduced cost per test.
  • Technical hardware to cover most types of testing.
  • Scalability.
  • Full governance and verification.
  • UK based test teams.
  • Secure testing facilities - up to IL5.
  • Full end-to-end testing capability.

Knowing that they have access to dedicated resources, our customers come back to us for remote testing projects time and time again. This means we offer an unparalleled degree of continuity enabling us to keep ramp up time to a minimum.

Web Application Testing

Are your websites & applications easy to use & reliable and do they meet your customers' expectations?

There are many things that you need to consider when launching a new website or application and our web testing experts will ensure you have everything covered.

With time, money and effort invested, unforeseen issues can affect revenue and reputation.

NCC Group understands the importance of ensuring web applications function effectively in customers’ end user environments.

When launching a new website or application or making amendments to an existing one these are just some of the services you may need.

Functional Testing

Our functional testing services ensure that each product meets the acceptance criteria identified during the planning/development phase of your project. We test each product individually before testing the web application as a whole, allowing you to identify problem areas quickly and resolve them before they affect other areas and become more costly to resolve.

Integration Testing

Our focused integration testing will give you the confidence that your web application works as a whole. Our approach reduces the cost of testing during the integration phase as the execution/regression time is reduced and can also reduce the amount of manual intervention that is needed.

End to End Testing

Our end to end testing service tests actions that are carried out on a daily basis and also those odd scenarios, that may happen, or do happen on occasion. The aim of this testing is to ensure systems are not just functionally fit, but fit for business and will give an early indication of potential UAT testing issues enabling you to fix them quickly and at a lower cost.

Performance Testing

As website content gets richer and heavier, web page performance is more influenced by that content and how it is executed and rendered in the browser. At the same time user expectation of performance is becoming more and more demanding. We have the tools and skills to help you to optimise the performance of your website.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing evaluates your web application’s compatibility with a range of computing environments including databases, platforms, system software, browsers and operating systems. Our browser compatibility testing tests to ensure that users have the same visual experience irrespective of the browsers through which they view the web application. We also look into mobile carrier and hardware compatibility.

Usability Testing

Customers no longer tolerate a poor online experience and will quickly take their business elsewhere, making an easy-to-use and reliable website a necessity. Usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback from the very people the website is aimed at - before it’s too late to do anything about it.

Accessibility Testing

The objective of accessibility testing is to discover how easy it is for impaired users to use a specific web application and to feed that information back into improving future designs and implementations. We can support you to comply with a particular standard or simply maximise your site’s accessibility.

Security Testing

Our expert, highly skilled security and penetration testing specialists examine the robustness of your infrastructure, websites and applications and to assess the resilience of your security controls, and to identify all the areas that an attacker could exploit to gain unauthorised access.

Mobile Testing

How do you currently carry out testing for mobile devices and applications?

Whatever type of device, network or operating system is under review, NCC Group can advise on the best mobile test strategy for you.

When designing a test strategy for mobile devices there are many things to take into consideration. Diversity of manufacturers, device variation, operating systems and networks can all complicate the testing process.

Our recommended test strategy will often include a combination of testing techniques including emulators, cloud testing via web interfaces and automation, in order to ensure the most appropriate coverage.

Techniques include:

  • Usability Testing: We gauge a user’s response to navigation, look and feel and functionality of the mobile offering. This is achieved by soliciting an observed response during use. We ensure that participants give continuous feedback by asking neutral/non-biased questions throughout the testing process. We collate the responses to provide a report describing the highlights and negative findings of the test.
  • Compatibility Testing: We ensure that the mobile offering works as planned on selected devices and browsers with different screen sizes and resolution.
  • Performance Testing: We ensure mobile devices perform across different platforms and software configuration.  We create automated test scripts to perform real user activities on physical or emulated mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. We also capture, verify and replay user activities to ensure an efficient scripting process.
  • Security Testing: We test the authentication of user credentials when challenged and whether the user and passwords are accessible. Also vulnerabilities around data are established when checking for data harvesting, data leaks and encryption. In addition we have a dedicated business unit providing Penetration testing.
  • Accessibility Testing: We can provide an assurance statement as to the accessibility of the system under test.  We test against the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to understand the extent of compliance.

Automation is a must to avoid manual work where test coverage is required across a range of devices and platforms. We partner with a number of world leading mobile device automation tool providers allowing us to cost effectively scale automation test such as regression packs across hundreds of different devices. This unique ability can significant enhance confidence that your software product will work correctly on a large foot print of devices. We constantly review the devices being tested to give the maximum amount of coverage both from current platforms and any new growth platforms.