Mobile & Digital Software Testing

As more and more businesses become dependent on technology to run their core infrastructure, keeping pace with the constant evolution of devices and options becomes an increasingly critical business challenge

NCC Group’s Mobile and Digital experts help you to build a clear picture of how your end users are interacting with your technology today and to define a clear strategy to make sure it returns on your investment tomorrow.

We follow a proven process, ensuring quality assurance in all areas of mobile and digital technical deliveries and capabilities, following testing best practice from initial scoping through to the final test report. This helps to pinpoint where your organisation might be exposed to unnecessary risk and where you can increase your testing and technology delivery productivity.


NCC Group can help you to:

  • Build and define a strategy for testing that helps to manage the risks to your business.
  • Understand your target estate is a crucial element of any mobile and digital testing strategy.
  • Understand how your users are currently connecting with you and help you to develop this.
  • Make recommendations about target estates for new developments, based on your market and sector. This helps to ensure that we focus on the most important combinations of devices, operating systems and browsers, focusing your investment on the requirements of your users. 
  • Keep track of how these requirements change over time and how you evolve with the ever changing technological landscape. This can involve supporting you through releases of additional devices, operating systems and browser versions, as well as additional versions of your own products.

Drawing on our extensive portfolio of project experience, NCC Group will build a lean and accurate approach to testing, testing the most efficient and effective combinations for your business. This will ensure that your applications connect to your users in a consistent, meaningful way and enables you to realise the return on investment you have made into your digital channels. 

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