Delivery Models


NCC Group delivers bespoke, tailored testing solutions that match to a customers’ requirements.  We meet skill, technology, timeline, cost and regulatory considerations to ensure quality is maintained. 

Delivery models include:

  • Delivery Centre: On-shore in the UK, our Delivery Centre professionals provide a full range of testing services. Through our Delivery Centre proposition we support your specific needs and your quality demands, delivering test milestones and/or supplementing test delivery. Our teams merge and collaborate seamlessly with your organisation. We leverage modern communication methods to provide clear feedback at all times with regular reviews of progress against agreed timelines and/or deliverables. The Delivery Centres offer flexible expert UK assured resource, cost-effective testing, with responsible delivery and transparent outcomes.
  • Client site: Our team of test professionals are able to provide you with the solution and skills you require. Our experts work at your locations throughout the UK. This can be an individual integrated into your existing test team or complete testing functions working with your project and development teams. Providing the flexibility to support you through peaks in demand and rapid business change.Through our on-site teams we offer responsible, assured testing which is focused on project and business goals. All clearance and vetted requirements can be catered for in order to provide you with the best individuals to meet your requirements.
  • Integrated solution: Combines the benefits of all delivery options by mixing on and off-site testing. This suits customers with spikes in test demand and a need for the rapid deployment of skilled resources, providing the advantages of having on-site testers able to proactively engage with the business and supply the immediate expertise needed in any situation. Supplemented by the flexible, efficient and effective service provided from the Delivery Centre. An integrated solution amalgamates the best of both delivery options to create a client specific test service which meets the dynamic nature of the business in a low risk model.

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