Delivery Centre

We challenge the traditional test engagement model by offering our clients excellence in service from our on-shore, off-site Delivery Centres.

Collaborating through our unique Delivery Centre proposition we support your specific needs and your quality demands for projects, delivering test milestones and supplementing test delivery.

The Delivery Centre provides Test Leadership, Test Analysis, Test Automation and Digital test experts. We deliver to your project model, deploying Agile Test Delivery models, whilst managing effective communication and reporting so that you have a clear view of progress against agreed timelines and/or deliverables.

Our aim is to provide clients with a cost effective solution in the UK, while never deviating from our core value of ensuring the delivery of test excellence.

We provide a full testing service from our Delivery Centres, providing flexible delivery options for an array of testing types. Our testing services include functional testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, digital and mobile testing and performance testing. We are also able to provide automation services and have helped numerous clients to achieve more efficient test execution through automated testing from our Delivery Centres.

Unless physical access to a particular location is required the Delivery Centre can be an excellent option for validating your systems. This is particularly useful where space is a consideration or there is a desire to have NCC Group take full ownership of the project.

Communication is a particularly important part of our technology deliveries. We have provided excellent testing to a wide range of clients, seamlessly integrating into client teams from our Delivery Centres by leveraging various channels of communications to keep us close to their projects. This can include dialling into daily stand-up meetings, using video conferencing or instant messaging to keep close to projects and teams. Though teams may be based out of different locations we ensure that we keep you up to date about progress against agreed expectations and deliver as promised to ensure your project’s success.

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