Agile & Automated Software Testing

Your investment in crucial systems must return real business benefit and time to value is an important factor in how quickly this benefit can be seen in your organisation.

This directly impacts the overall benefit delivered over time by setting out the starting point for return on investment.

There are well proven methodologies and technological solutions to help reduce the time it takes to develop and implement changes to your systems, whilst maintaining quality standards.


Agile delivery

We can provide fully qualified Agile quality assurance professionals in order to deliver a nimbler approach to get your project to completion sooner, but with the expertise to ensure it is delivered as close to requirements as possible. NCC Group has a very strong background in Agile delivery, working closely with on-site client teams, remotely from our Delivery Centres or indeed providing a mix of these approaches. Utilising strong communication skills is key to ensuring that we are a close part of the team and supporting quicker time to value. 

Agile delivery allows you to maintain a rapid time to market, with clear visibility of progress as features are added or updated.

This experience applies not only to working in established project teams on-site, but also running a strong, remote capability from one of our Delivery Centres, plugging into your normal sprint cycles and communications, allowing you to maintain the benefit of Agile between the sites.

We can also work with regression testing accelerators, keeping pace with delivery so that rapid validation of the solution can be assured at the end of the sprint cycles. This helps to ensure that your product does not have to enter into a lengthy regression and revalidation process, that the time to value is maintained and the benefits of Agile are retained once developments sprints have been completed.

Automated testing

Done correctly, automation has the potential to reduce the time taken to perform certain aspects of the testing process from weeks down to days. This can dramatically improve productivity and lead to increased cost savings. Our experienced automated testing professionals can work with you to offer the best solution that suits the requirements of your current organisation, reducing overall delivery cost and accelerating time to value.

We will evaluate any existing manual test scripts and recommend a testing approach that includes test automation to reduce test execution times. We will produce a test automation framework which is aligned with industry best practice techniques as well as ensuring it meets your business purpose.

Automation can be a powerful tool for reducing time to value, removing a major block of time associated with traditional manual regression testing.  The saving comes from the ability to invest once in the recording, and play many times through iterations of product development, ensuring that key business features are protected from incremental change. 

This approach also ensures that issues are detected earlier in the delivery process. This means that the cost to rectify an issue is lower and can be accommodated during development, when the key relationships and management controls are in place.

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