Software Risk Assessment


In today’s technology focused world, organisations increasingly depend on software applications for day to day activities.

However, the reliance on such business critical software applications is a growing concern for most organisations.

In order to create an effective risk mitigation plan, an organisation must first assess how at risk it is from a sudden and unexpected data loss.

NCC Group’s Software Risk Assessment Tool helps to qualify software risks and the potential impact of application or data loss by easily classifying low, medium and high risks.

The Risk Assessment report will highlight areas of concern that need to be tackled when creating a risk mitigation plan and give you pragmatic advice on how best to plan for your organisation.

The tool will provide information on:


Software Risk Mitigation

Traditionally, on-premise applications are locally stored and therefore always accessible to the end user, with a reliance placed on the provider to release regular updates and be available for support.

But how would you maintain a business-critical service in the event of provider failure?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Risk Mitigation

The cloud has had a massive impact on the software landscape, with SaaS applications increasingly preferred over their on-premise counterparts.

However, should there be a SaaS provider failure, access can be instantly withdrawn, leaving the end user with no SaaS application or data.

Have you considered how to regain access?


Getting started with a Software Risk Assessment

NCC Group’s Software Risk Assessment Tool is a simple online questionnaire.

Upon completion, you will be provided with an onscreen, high-level, software risk assessment score.

In addition, a customised assessment report will be available to download, providing context and explanations along with recommendations for remedial action.

The questions are focused on the following areas:

  • Software provider assessment
  • Software application assessment
  • Internal technical assessment
  • Internal operational assessment



The Software Risk Assessment Tool will provide you and your organisation with the following benefits:

  • Instant risk assessment score, allowing you to see at a glance the level of risk an application is posing to your organisation.
  • Detailed, downloadable report tailored to the responses you entered, offering an easy-to-digest understanding of how to manage software risk.
  • Personalised recommendations and considerations, allowing you to take a proactive approach in mitigating software risk.


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