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With cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the loss of access to your application and data can be instant. Have you considered your risk mitigation plan?

NCC Group’s suite of SaaS Assured services support and facilitate solutions for SaaS continuity planning in the event of SaaS provider failure.

As a part of continuity planning, each SaaS customer is faced with a series of choices and as such, each element of NCC Group’s SaaS Assured service has been developed to support individual SaaS customer capabilities and objectives in such a scenario.


How it works

A contractual agreement is put in place with mutually agreed upon terms and fees between the SaaS provider, the SaaS customer and NCC Group. This ensures that you can access an up to date copy of your data and your application environment should anything happen to your provider.

Your SaaS provider will be paying a regular fee to their Information-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider for hosting services. Through SaaS Assured, NCC Group will monitor these payments for any irregularity. Should this happen, a copy of your data and/or production environment is securely stored in escrow for your use if further failure occurs. This enables you to minimise any downtime or disruption by having a clear and prepared continuity plan secured by an independent third party.

Your SaaS Assured solution includes verification service options, to support your choice of continuity plan:



During the transition period you may wish to either transfer your data over to a new provider or make alternative arrangements for processing. To do this you may need to access and retrieve the latest version of the data. As an independent third party, NCC Group can ensure a copy of your data is available when needed. Our Data Secure service includes the option to validate and verify data extraction processes.


As part of your continuity plan you may decide to continue running the environment using your own IT resources to manage the version provided if commercial failure occurs. NCC Group ensures that the knowledge required to commission and operate this environment is available. The SaaS Secure service offers a range of solutions to support this process and to assist you making this complex transition when your SaaS provider’s support team is no longer available to help you.



Benefits to the SaaS customer

  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to risk mitigation.
  • Provides vital input into disaster recovery and continuity planning.
  • Provides independent assurance that all materials deposited are virus free, accessible and of the expected type.
  • Monitors for any payment issues from the SaaS provider to the IaaS host, alerting you of any changes.
  • Securely stores any verification testing reports and deposits in escrow.


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