Software Escrow Agreement Templates

What type of agreement is best for you?

NCC Group offers a range of different escrow agreements to suit all business requirements and setting up an agreement with NCC Group is simple.

Our most popular type of agreements are as follows, however our in-house legal department are focused on providing the most appropriate arrangement for all parties so if you can't find what you are looking for or wish to discuss a bespoke agreement, then please don't hesitate to contact us.


Single Licensee Escrow Agreement

Our single licensee agreements are most appropriate for software applications that are used by one organisation only and have been bespoke built for that organisation. The single licensee agreement is put in place between the licensee, the software supplier and NCC Group, as an independent escrow provider. Under this type of agreement the software supplier has the responsibility for depositing the source code into escrow.

If the software supplier became unable to provide support or maintenance on a long-term basis, NCC Group would release the source code to the licensee. They could then decide to take over the ongoing maintenance of the software in-house or engage with another software supplier to do so on their behalf.

Download our single licensee agreement


Multi Licensee Escrow Agreement

Multi licensee escrow agreements are for off-the-shelf software applications used by multiple users across different organisations. As long as there is a valid software licence in place, any licensee can join the agreement.

If a software supplier becomes unable to carry on maintaining and supporting the application, any licensee registered under the agreement can apply for the source code to be released. They can then decide to continue maintaining the software in-house or appoint another software developer to do so.

Download our multi licensee agreement


Registry Data Escrow Agreement

The Registry Data Escrow Agreement is available for registry operators of gTLDs. Registry operators are responsible for the security of the gTLDs WHOIS data and must comply with ICANN specifications.

In the event of the Registry Operator no longer being able to support the applicant the critical WHOIS data held in escrow will be released to ICANN allowing continuation of the TLD.

Download our RyDE agreement


Bespoke Agreements

We understand that there may be cases when our standard escrow agreements don't fit your exact requirements and you may need a more customised version. Our expert legal team are committed to providing the most suitable arrangement for all parties involved.

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