Software Escrow & Verification


Protecting all parties involved in development, supply and use of critical software applications

NCC Group's escrow and verification services assure the long-term availability of business critical software applications for end users and protect the intellectual property rights of software suppliers.

Software Escrow

Why spend thousands on business critical software and not protect your investment?

In today's technology focused world, organisations are reliant on third party supplied software applications to carry out key business functions and processes.

A software escrow solution is a simple arrangement designed to mitigate risk and protect all parties involved in the development, supply and use of business critical software.

Escrow Agreements

What type of agreement is best for you?

NCC Group offers a range of different escrow agreements to suit all business requirements and setting up an agreement with NCC Group is simple.

To simplify the process of setting up an escrow solution we offer several standard agreements which have been created by our legal experts to cover a range of business requirements.


SaaS Assured

A cloud disaster recovery and business continuity solution

SaaS Assured helps organisations with their business continuity and disaster recovery planning for all their cloud based applications.

SaaS Assured provides a straightforward, cost effective, contractual solution that gives you piece of mind that you may have access to your application and data in the event of SaaS provider failure.

Registry Data Escrow

How can NCC Group help you to comply with ICANN regulations?

As a global leader in escrow, verification and security testing, NCC Group is uniquely positioned to not only provide global Registry and Registrar Data Escrow, but to also provide comprehensive risk management solutions.

Our Pre Delegation Testing and Extended Verification services ensure that deposits are verified to ICANN standard.

Registrar Data Escrow

As a global leader in escrow, verification and domain services, NCC Group is uniquely positioned to provide global registrar data escrow.

Ensuring that your gTLD domain name registration information is protected, secure and held by an independent third party.

As part of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) responsibility to help control and manage the Internet’s naming system, registrars are encouraged to protect domain name data in a secure escrow environment.

Software Verification

Would you know how to build your business critical software application from scratch if you had to?

Verifying your software source code with NCC Group gives you total assurance that should you ever need to carry out maintenance and support of your software application, you will have all the required material, knowledge & guidance to do so.

Our software verification process provides peace of mind that all the necessary scripts, instructions and files required to rebuild or amend the application are deposited along with the source code.

Software Partners

How does NCC Group work with software providers?

We have strong relationships with over 5,000 software providers and work closely with them to provide escrow protection for their customers.

These companies recognise their responsibility to help their customers ensure the long term performance and availability of their software application and ultimately, to assure their business continuity.