Security Consulting


How do you ensure that your information is secure and your operations are compliant?

Our security experts can advise on the latest information security threats that businesses face.

We offer a wide range of security consulting services to help you build a robust security strategy to mitigate risk.

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Security & Penetration Testing

How do you protect your organisation against the threat of unauthorised access?

NCC Group's range of technical security assessment and penetration testing services can help identify all areas of vulnerability and help you to mitigate the threat.

Having the largest penetration testing team of its kind in the world allows us to take on projects of all sizes, often at short notice and with challenging delivery timescales.

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Cyber Defence Operations

How effectively could you respond when an incident occurs?

Mature organisations realise that cyber security incidents cannot be completely avoided. 

Preparing for incidents and successfully dealing with their consequences is a key part of risk management in the modern world. 

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Managed Security Services

How do you assure your security inbetween penetration tests?

With most organisations still opting to conduct penetration tests once a year there are potentially significant periods for new vulnerabilities to be introduced.

Our Managed Security Services can dramatically improve your ongoing security posture through more frequent, cost effective security assessments, helping you to identify, assess and manage risk.

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Information Risk Management & Governance

How do you ensure compliance & good governance?

The information security landscape is in constant evolution and with it, the legislative and regulatory frameworks that you must comply with.

Our experienced & fully qualified Audit & Compliance team will assist you in reaching and maintaining compliance to standards & regulations such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CoCo, PA-DSS, PCI P2PE & BS 10012 to ensure that you are in line with best practice frameworks.

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Cyber Security Training

World-Class Cyber Security Training

NCC Group’s expertise enables us to offer you a wide range of security consulting services to help you build a solid cyber security to mitigate your risk and we have a proven track record for providing security consultancy for businesses around the world. 

Information Security Software

How can you ensure that your database security is adequately maintained?

Auditing and protecting databases to allow companies to gain leverage from the information they hold is one of our key missions.

This can be seen through the range of software solutions we have developed to provide you with peace of mind.