Threat intelligence

Transforming expert knowledge of the threat landscape into valuable actionable information

Our expert threat intelligence services provide information on which threat actors are out there, what their intent is and which tactics, techniques and procedures they use to execute attacks.

Through both human and technical information gathering we take raw data and information from a variety of sources and turn it into strategically, tactically or operationally valuable information for your organisation.

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NCC group can help you build confidence and develop an understanding of your current capabilities, along with the threats and vulnerabilities you face with the goal of developing a cyber-resilient organisation.



  • Open Source Intelligence collection and analysis on personnel, threat actors or organization related data / information.
  • Darkweb Intelligence collection and analysis to support organization defensive operations.
  • Cyber Intelligence collection and analysis on emerging indicators of compromise or threat actor behaviour.



The ability to consume threat intelligence can bring many benefits, namely:

  • Insight into of threats and associated risk faced by the enterprise
  • General threat landscape and horizon understanding
  • Internet exposure understanding
  • Breach identification
  • Breach prevention
  • Fraud and theft minimisation
  • Personnel/asset protection and risk minimisation


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InTELL tracks global criminal activity and base our intelligence on actor attribution and context.

Banks, retailers and corporates over four continents use InTELL’s real-time contextual cyber intelligence. InTELL provides them with three dimensions: global visibility on actor trends, threats and technology. Threat tracking provides an understanding of risks and threats to online brands. And contextual threat feeds fuel threat platforms, giving the ability to mitigate in real-time.

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