Security & data analytics

Security & data analytics

NCC Group helps businesses define what you need to detect, how to detect it and how to manage and interpret Big Data in order to strengthen the security of your systems. 

Security analytics allows you to identify and examine security breaches and threats in a more comprehensive and meaningful way than traditional security methods. It involves collecting, normalising, base-lining and analysing data generated across your network, helping you to uncover both known and unknown threats.

In addition to enabling you to identify and examine security breaches and threats, Security Analytics enables you to scrutinise actions taken by all systems, applications and users connected to the network and analyse those actions against expected or “normal” behaviour. By screening for unexpected or suspicious behaviour that might possibly indicate a risk to your systems, security analytics allows you to create alerts on incidents that need further examination so they can be addressed before they affect your business.

This requires managing data on a massive scale across the business, IT and the Cloud. Security Intelligence, derived from this Big Data, helps you quickly mitigate and allocate resources to the most urgent issues to protect the assets prioritised by your business.


  • Reduce complexity - enabling your team to quickly identify and validate threat events across increasing volumes and complexities of network data.
  • Save time - automatically correlate security activity from multiple points across the network and act on them in real time reducing human intervention and the associated risk of human error.
  • Protect the business - not only does Security Analytics help you make the most of your existing resources, by helping protect the infrastructure from threats, early incident detection helps ensure critical systems are accessible to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and at the same time to ensure your company’s reputation and valuable data is not exposed.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology enables you to collect information from just about every device on your network. We help you to understand what data is useful to understand, the best way to extract it in a meaningful and useable way and then actually use it to enhance the security of your network, making use of your existing infrastructure.

We work with a number of leading technology vendors to design and deliver SIEM solutions. Partners include Splunk, LogRhythm and HP ArcSight.

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