Core Network Services

Core Network Services

In today's IT environment there are a number of evolving technologies and business challenges which are placing ever greater demands on the network and your ability to manage it.  These include: Virtualisation, Cloud, BYOD & Mobility, Interconnectivity/Internet of Things, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Agility, Time to Market, Cost reduction, Automation.

We work with you in order to meet the diverse demands placed on your network today, reducing the management burden by removing complexity, improving security and using automation, allowing you to take control of your network and focus on business priorities.

Our solutions bring a number of leading technologies together, supported by services and our own products, to create a multi-layered approach to DDI, DNS Security and Network Automation, allowing you to remove complexity, improve security and, providing a solution that supports your business priorities.


DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management)

DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management) services are critical for underpinning network infrastructures. NCC Group’s portfolio offers organisations the ability to: automate network management, improve availability, protect networks from malicious attacks, reduce operational costs and provide visibility of network assets.


DDI Guard

DDI Guard from NCC Group provides organisations with the ability to monitor DDI at the packet level offering unmatched visibility and insight into these core network services.  Using DDI Guard gives organisations a vendor agnostic solution providing monitoring, alerting, reporting, long term data storage/archive and rogue device detection for DDI services.

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DNS Security

DNS is one of the most attacked protocols and so securing DNS is an essential part of securing any organisations network.  NCC Group’s portfolio of solutions for DNS security provides organisations with the capabilities to detect, defend and prevent DNS based security threats.


Load Balancing

Load balancing is a fundamental part of core networks and helps ensure the scalability and availability of modern services and applications, NCC Group’s portfolio of solutions offers customers a wide range of capabilities from basic load balancing through to full load, availability and geo-location based management systems.


Network Automation

By making use of Network Automation, you can move away from a reactive, labour intensive manual network management regime through the intelligent application of the latest automation technology.

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