Supplier Assured

Do you need peace of mind that your third party suppliers are taking serious, proactive measures to ensure the on-going security of your information?


While key operations and processes can be outsourced to a third party, your business risks can't. Why do so many organisations still fail to adequately assess their third party supplier IT security risks and ensure the on-going security and availability of their business critical information?

Third party suppliers can be an attractive way for cyber criminals to gain access to data and networks that would otherwise be beyond their reach. A huge range of external suppliers, from marketing to accountants to legal firms, can all be potential vulnerabilities. These suppliers may hold customer data, employee data or intellectual property that is hugely valuable to competitors.

When dealing with a third party it should be a given that all possible technical safeguards have been put in place to protect your data, however, as recent headlines have shown, this is not always the case. Organisations need to impose the same strict security policies for all third party suppliers and partners as they do for themselves. Insisting on a comprehensive IT security policy at the very beginning of working with the company is a good start.

Our expert Supplier Assured team can help you establish and deploy processes to help you reduce your supply chain risk through a robust and tested process:

  • Review and improve your supplier risk management framework.
  • Review and improve the information security controls framework.
  • Assess your supplier's current security posture.
  • Report your supplier’s security risk status through our online GRC portal.


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