Cyber Security Review

How exposed is your business to cyber threats?

 Due to the increasingly connected world that we live in cyber threats are now one of the major risks faced by businesses.

For many organisations the starting point is to identify the following:

  • Who? Every business has to identify the relevant threat actors, their motivations and how they operate to understand how to combat these threats: a nation state, organised criminal, insider or cyber espionage.  
  • What? Critical data that underpins the business has value on the criminal market for many uses, therefore, understanding the value of that data provides an insight into how attackers may want to exploit that data: personal data, Intellectual Property or credit/debit card data. 
  • How? All businesses need to know what security controls provide the best protection against the identified actors and attack vectors.  This then allows the business to develop their cyber security strategy to deliver cyber resilience.


We have developed our Cyber Security Review service to address these points and help organisations improve their cyber resilience strategy.   

The benefits of our Cyber Security Review service are:

  • Board focused deliverables and supplementary detailed technical content.  We know that most organisations need information in different layers to help with the decision making process and to assist with security improvements.  A specific report for your specific situation; we don’t assume that one report fits all. 
  • A prioritised list of the key threat actors to your business based on real time threat intelligence.
  • Benchmarking data against other business - so you know how well you are positioned against your peers.
  • Maturity scoring of your cyber security controls and a target maturity score.
  • A prioritised roadmap to improve your cyber maturity including quick wins and strategic initiatives.


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