Full Spectrum Attack Simulation

Can you identify and stop a persistent attack?
Are you secure enough?

NCC Group emulates the tactics and techniques that real-world adversaries use in order to protect your organisation. This end-to-end assessment will aim to identify weaknesses in your system configurations, staff training and awareness, and operational response. 

A Full Spectrum Attack Simulation is a bespoke, intelligence-led engagement that mimics the current threats your organisation faces, designed specifically to address your specific concerns and requirements.


Motivations for commissioning a Full Spectrum Attack Simulation can be varied but typically include:

  • Improving your organisation’s readiness to withstand an attack from a variety of different attack vectors.
  • Help to train your security operations (Blue Team) in handling advanced and persistent attacks
  • Benchmarking your security operations’ (Blue Team) performance.
  • Understand and gain confidence in your organisation’s resilience.
  •  Regulatory compliance or oversight.


The key capabilities of a Full Spectrum Attack Simulation include:


Black Team

Aims to identify weaknesses in physical controls and staff awareness (social engineering) that facilitates physical access to your premises.

Black Team war stories ebook 

Black Team PDF  


Red Team

Assesses your cyber preventative controls, staff security awareness and challenges your Blue Team’s detection and response processes.

Red Team PDF


Purple Team

Combines the Red and Blue Team activity and sees attack and response experts embedded within your internal security operations (Blue Team) during a Red Team engagement.


Gold Team

Identifies improvements in your internal and external communications, crisis management procedures and decision making.


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