Cyber Attack Readiness

Now more than ever, organisations require assurance that the investment they are making in both cyber & physical security is working and keeping malicious attackers at bay.

Full Spectrum Red Team


Why Full Spectrum Red Team?

Once commissioned for a project, our elite security team take the role of a malicious intruder and carry out covert hostile reconnaissance (both physical and cyber) followed by a full-blown covert attack against the target organisation.

Working to pre-agreed rules of engagement the team use a wide range of techniques to try to gain access & bypass security defences, including; social engineering, covert entry, intelligence gathering, dumpster diving & technical surveillance. At the end of the mission we will provide a C-level recommendation report, detailing the key areas for remediation.

Typical mission

A typical mission would involve the following key elements:

  • Threat/Risk Assessment
  • Hostile Reconnaissance
    • Intelligence Gathering
    • Dumpster Diving
  • Authorisation & Task Confirmation
  • Physical Attack
    • Social Engineering (phone & email)
    • Physical entry/covert entry
    • Access into buildings/locations
    • Hostile device placement
  • Cyber Attack
    • Remote access to hostile devices
    • Compromise of network assets
    • Malware (benign) deployment

Why work with us?

Combining both physical & cyber exploitation, we are the only choice for a the most realistic security test available.

Core to the ethos and success of the service are:

  • Market leading reputation
  • Strict & robust vetting of all staff
  • Permanent employees
  • Cohesive approach
  • Global reach
  • Extensive experience


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Physical Social Engineering


Our social engineering services are designed to highlight gaps in your staff's security awareness and help to improve your future security posture.

A physical security assessment will focus on the measures and processes in place to secure your environment against attacks that rely on a lack of security awareness in your staff and so-called “social engineering” attacks.

Physical security weaknesses will normally be either procedural or cultural. Some organisations have excellent procedures that are simply not followed correctly due to a poor understanding of the need for appropriate security (cultural), or the procedures themselves are weak or absent (procedural).

During a physical security assessment NCC Group will:

  • Utilise Open Source Intelligence gathering techniques
  • Perform reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Assess physical security
  • Use people skills to circumvent technical controls to access sensitive areas of the organisation or restricted locations.
  • Manipulate staff to identify protected information such as passwords or allow access into their workspaces.
  • Determine the level of response to threats.




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