Network Protection

Network Protection

Modern networks are complex and dynamic environments that are constantly changing and need careful management in order to deliver against the requirements and expectations of “always on”.

Security strategies rely on multiple sophisticated solutions across every aspect of the network to create a capability based on defence in depth, in order to protect critical assets.

These solutions need constant management and monitoring to ensure they remain effective and investments are not wasted. Retaining the vast array of skills needed to manage all of these solutions is difficult and furthermore the attackers don’t stop when your tired security analysts go home.

NCC Group provides a range of managed services to help organisations to monitor and manage critical network protection components, putting changes and health monitoring in the hands of our experts, and to ensure your investment remains effective and your expensive resources can be deployed more efficiently. 

Managed Firewall

With our Managed Firewall Service, our dedicated firewall administrators will monitor, manage and maintain your firewalls, so you don’t have to. This service delivers a cost-effective means of ensuring that an organisation’s data is always kept secure, 24/7. Our qualified engineers will help define and implement a security policy fit for your organisation, and will monitor and manage your firewall investment all year round.

The Managed Firewall service is also ideal for customers wanting to deploy next generation firewall technology to provide cost effective access to advanced protection features, without needing the skills in house to setup, manage and maintain a new technology.

Managed IPS

Managed IPS services ensure that your Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems are maintained with the very latest information, ensuring that your IDS/IPS ready to detect and block the latest attacks from doing harm to your network and application layer vulnerabilities and ready to detect and block the latest attacks from doing harm to your network. Typically a huge volume of false positive alarms are generated by this type of technology however our managed IPS service helps organisations to overcome this. Our analysts carry out inspection of alarms looking for any signs of a false alarm before working with our customers to help neutralise the threat.

Managed DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have the potential to affect every organisation connected to the internet. Our Managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) services puts protective measures in front of your critical assets to prevent DDoS attacks from disrupting your online services.  Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors 24/7 for DDoS attacks and are able to take responsive action the moment an attack is launched.

Our Managed DDoS service utilises our in-house developed DDoS Secure technology to provide application-level DDOS protection. The service is monitored and managed by a team with extensive experience of the DDoS landscape and an understanding and ability to interpret the activity, understanding the difference between an attack and a busy day, and able to support our customers to take appropriate action. 

Managed DDI

Core network services such as Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP Address Management (IPAM) - collectively known as DDI, are the core foundations of every network are critical to the reliable operation of your whole IT environment. Our Managed DDI service is a unique offering, leading the way in advanced DNS, DHCP and IP Address management and monitoring, offering proactive monitoring for high severity availability and integrity issues with core network services. The service utilises our own unique in-house-developed monitoring framework to remotely analyse key indicators of your DDI systems, to monitor and alert on any indicators of potential problems.

As DDI specialists, NCC Group has the skills, experience and vendor certifications that would be prohibitively expensive for customers to acquire and maintain, our managed services give you that capability at a lower cost and without the problems associated with recruiting and retaining specialist staff.