Managed Network Intruder Alarm

Staying on top of sophisticated threat actors is now a full-time responsibility for all organisations. Advanced network monitoring and threat detection are now a necessity in order to keep organisations defended against the security risk posed by today’s adversaries.

Network intrusions are an unfortunate but increasingly growing reality in today’s interconnected world. Organisations are now facing the harsh reality that if they haven’t already been breached, they probably will be in the future. Furthermore, modern breaches often use a multitude of techniques to evade security controls, so something needs to be done to provide your organisation with visibility should the worst happen.

Modern attacks are hard to defend against and modern attackers are more determined than ever. While mitigating controls and security assessments remain crucial to good security hygiene, organisations now need to be ready to detect if, or when, someone has made it inside the perimeter.


Managed Network Intruder Alarm

Our Managed Network Intruder Alarm (MNIA) is designed to detect attackers that have gained access to internal networks, using emulated services that form traps for attackers to trigger.

MNIA triggers an emergency alarm back to our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) the moment they are touched. With a very low false positive rate, this early warning provides clear and concise evidence that someone is inside your network and you need to take action.  Presenting themselves as genuine network components they wait silently for uninvited connection attempts before raising the alarm to our SOC.

Our intruder alarms sit quietly on your network waiting for the one thing that should never happen to them - activity.

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