IT Health Check

An IT Health Check will provide your organisation with the assurance it needs to operate at a level of security that is suitable for handling the most sensitive data.

The IT Health Check Service, (CHECK), exists primarily for the benefit of HMG and CNI end users who wish to have their sensitive IT systems and networks checked for vulnerabilities. As companies belonging to CHECK are measured against high standards set by CESG, many organisations want the same level of assurance and choose to engage under the terms and conditions of CHECK.

Key Features

  • Fast and efficient service - we can implement an IT Health Check in less than a month.
  • Largest team of CHECK team leaders in the world
  • CHECK, CREST and PCI accredited
  • We possess CHECK (Green) status - highest level of assurance

How does it work?

We will undertake an analysis of your chosen systems and network to identify any vulnerabilities in systems and networks which may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information held.

What do you get?

The output of an IT Health Check test is a report listing any vulnerabilities. It then cites recommendations with effective security countermeasures. Additionally we offer a formal presentation of our findings to key stakeholders and, if required, will work with you to assist in achieving your compliance.

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