CTAS accredited

We were selected as one of the first companies to provide the CESG Tailored Assurance Service (CTAS), a service from CESG intended for a wide range of IT products and systems.

How does it work?

The purpose of CTAS is to provide answers to assurance questions and concerns from accreditors, which are usually from the pre-deployment stage. A tailored evaluation is then conducted and key results that may impact business are highlighted.

Key features

A CTAS evaluation has two phases which may be followed by an optional Maintenance Phase:

  • Preparation:  This includes an agreement of Security Target and detailed Evaluation Work Programme (EWP), including associated activity plans. Production of outline Assurance Maintenance Plan (AMP)
  • An evaluation is then carried out

What do you get?

A CTAS evaluation provides a view of assurance on the IT security attributes of a system, service or product.


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