Global energy services provider case study

How NCC Group helped a global energy services organization protect its investment in the cloud.

Our client is an energy services company, specializing in the industrial markets, petroleum manufacturing and oil fields, with offices across the globe.


Our client had invested more than $100 million in a cloud-hosted system essential to the business’s overall functions. It recognized that its mission-critical data held within the system was its most important asset and was looking to ensure this data could be extracted in a suitable format and used elsewhere should there ever be a vendor failure.

Our client therefore wanted to work with a software assurance expert that offered a flexible and bespoke service, as well as technical and legal guidance and support. After reviewing the current provider market, the client chose NCC Group as its assurance partner.

NCC Group recommended a solution whereby the client would be able to access and extract its specific data held in the system should there be a vendor failure. A tri-party agreement was set up between the client, the vendor and NCC Group and delivered as part of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Assured solutions.


When the engagement began, NCC Group opened a communication channel between the client and cloud vendor. Our in-house legal and technical teams worked in parallel to negotiate terms and conditions, discuss the purpose of verification exercises and the steps involved to produce a suitable agreement that both sides approved of.

With regular and direct dialogue between the client and the vendor, we were able to negotiate any complexities with the client’s attorney and ease any concerns from the vendor. 

By providing our Data Extract Verification service, we were able to assure the client that an up-to-date copy of its data could be accessed in a suitable and reuseable format. A supporting SaaS Operational Maintenance Verification will give the client documented processes and procedures which are required to operate, maintain and run the hosted SaaS system in the event of vendor failure.

NCC Group also carried out a Full Verification exercise on the software system. Full Verification provides assurance that the source code deposited in escrow is correct and complete by ensuring that the deposit can be built into the working system. In the event of vendor failure, the global energy services provider is then able to contract with an alternative vendor to support the on-going development and maintenance of the cloud-hosted system.

Overall, we delivered three services to the client:

  • Saas Secure
  • Source Code Verification
  • Data Extract Verification


By being available, supportive and solution-driven, we successfully delivered a suitable, tri-party SaaS Assured agreement and completed the verification exercises that proved the solution would work as part of the client’s business continuity plan.

The final result was a solution that offered peace of mind to the client that its investment was secured and protected.

The global energy services provider commented:

“NCC Group’s representatives were able to identify our needs and recommend solutions that provided a comprehensive, robust continuity plan. We were able to rely on NCC Group’s legal team to help with the redline process, while its technical team ensured the verification exercises were completed successfully and in a timely manner.”

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Published date:  26 July 2017

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