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Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker, specialising in everything from classic and vintage cars to heavily modified sport cars. Based in Norfolk, the insurance services specialist employs more than 750 employees and is the first in the UK to have launched the personal driverless insurance policy.


Adrian Flux is aware of the wide range of threats to its business and the sensitive information it holds on behalf of its clients and therefore takes cyber security risks seriously.

As such, Adrian Flux wanted to review its external facing systems and understand if any vulnerabilities may have materialised over the past 12 months.

Our role

With a wealth of experience in the insurance sector, NCC Group has a great understanding of the issues facing Adrian Flux, making it the ideal partner for this project.

NCC Group’s team of expert consultants conducted a security review and penetration test of Adrian Flux’s external infrastructure to identify potential areas of vulnerability.

A firewall review was also carried out to help provide assurance that all rules within the firewall system were up-to-date and in order.

NCC Group carried out the review remotely:

  • As part of the pre-test, NCC Group put a plan together, arranged personnel vetting and informed affected third parties.
  • NCC Group assessed the environment by combining sophisticated up-to-date techniques used by hackers with the best technical products to ensure a thoroughly planned and managed process of investigation.
  • NCC Group transmitted all reports to the client in a secure manner via a dedicated secure portal. Once the client accepted the report as a final draft, all information was disposed of securely in accordance to CREST and HMG approved procedure.
  • NCC Group debriefed the client in a security session to ensure complete understanding of the risks and issues encountered.


NCC Group not only provided the team at Adrian Flux with a professional and seamless service but acted as a partner, working with the team to fully understand the issues at the core of the business in order to provide the right solution. 

"NCC Group acted as a partner to the team, providing the right solution at the right time."

Carl Pickett - Security Manager, Adrian Flux


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Published date:  10 November 2017

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