Strong international organic growth and operating performance drive dividend up 14%

Strong international organic growth and operating performance drive dividend up 14%

NCC Group plc (LSE: NCC), the international, independent provider of Escrow, Assurance and Domain Services, has reported its full year results for the 12 months to 31 May 2015.


  • Group revenue increased by 21% (2014: 12%) to £133.7m (2014: £110.7m) – organic growth18% (2014: 12%)
  • Escrow revenue grew by 5% to £32m (2014: 7%)
  • Assurance up by 21% to £97m (2014: 13%), organic growth up 18% (2014: 13%)
  • Adjusted Group operating profit* £26.4m (2014: £26.0m)
  • Escrow and Assurance – combined operating profit up 11% to £33.1m (2014: £28.1m) including central costs
  • Domain Services operating expenditure of £4.9m (2014: £2.1m)
  • Group reported operating profit £22.6m (2014: £24.1m)
  • Group adjusted pre-tax profit* £25.5m (2014: £25.3m)
  • Adjusted fully diluted earnings per share 9.4p (2014: 9.3p)
  • Total dividend up 14% to 3.98p (2014: 3.5p)
  • Accumuli plc acquired 30 April 2015 - substantially strengthens security capabilities
  • Domain Services transformed:
  •  .trust acquired and launched as a secure gated community
  • Compensation received for withdrawal of .secure domain application
  • Open Registry acquired in January 2015
  • Division now provides an end to end, secure total domain solution
  • Employee numbers increased by 40% to 1,388 worldwide

Outlook for 2015/2016

  • Group’s global reach and product range provides a platform for sustained long term growth and value
  • Total of Group’s renewal forecasts and order book up 18% to £62.7m (2014: £53.0m)

*Operating profit and margin is adjusted for amortisation of acquired intangibles of £2.2m (2014: £2.1m), exceptional items of £0.6m loss (2014: £1.3m profit) and share-based payment charges of £1.0m (2014: £1.1m). Pre-tax profit is adjusted for these items and the unwinding of the discount on the acquisitions’ contingent consideration of £0.3m (2014: £0.1m).

Rob Cotton, Group Chief Executive, comments:

“The Group has achieved yet another record year of strong international growth. We have completed a number of strategic developments and welcomed two very complementary businesses to the Group – Accumuli and Open Registry.

“Our two established businesses – Escrow and Assurance – saw organic revenue growth of 5% and 18% respectively, which together produced an 11% jump in adjusted operating profit before accounting for Domain Services.

“Our emerging business – Domain Services – has been transformed and is well positioned to take advantage of the significant changes across the Internet as thousands of new Top Level Domains become available over the next few years.

“We have increased our total dividend by 14%. Since the Group’s flotation in July 2004, the dividend has increased from 0.42p to 3.98p, a compound annual growth rate of 25%.

“Our forward visibility has continued to increase and for the Group as a whole, renewals and order books now stand at £62.7m

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Published date:  09 July 2015

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